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    Naga - Tidearcher

    I believe he was going for original Naga/Medusa Look from old soruces and games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for example
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    Defenders of the people pack

    Hi Great job, I have an issue that both of the models have glow :(
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    Dire troll (5 variations)

    Finally a Melee Troll , thank you! great work
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    CSW - Resources

    I mean don't get me wrong these models are amazing just thought that the animation was missing but if this was intended it's all right , true on that point transition is very smooth.
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    CSW - Resources

    Hi Moonman , I see what you mean but they simply reset to Stand Position after attack if they don't use defend sorry for the bad quality. Is it something I can change directly in editor?
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    CSW - Resources

    Excellent models guys you're amazing. I've started to test these Models and so far I've found bug that Ironforge Captain doesn't have Stand Ready animation when attacking FYI. :)
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    Yes it's mostly Battle for Azeroth Warfronts gameode which was bummer but design looked great
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    Tauren Youngblood

    This is amazing, could you please kindly reconsider doing this with trollheadhunter to give him grunt animations and axe , i've tried myself but failed miserably :D
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    Feedback & Bugreport

    Hello, Thank you for replying , unfortunately it didn't do anything , I've deleted entire doddads folder for now to get default trees. Anyway game still looks amazing and 100 times better thank you for your amazing work.
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    Feedback & Bugreport

    Hi Zorrot, Mod works perfectly except for trees , I know you've added some skins to make them look better but game just won't take it , I've tried to delete the models from retail folder it was the same so it looks like game won't load them at all. This is how it looked for me with 1.31 version
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    Defenders of the people pack

    And you completely succeeded this is amazing and exactly what I was looking for just Normal armies for Humans , thank you for the great work!
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    Male Elf Archer/Ranger Reforged

    Hi Luan if you're having trouble getting this model to run this is how it should look in Import manager , now that is for archer version without cape
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    Wrynn's Legion General

    To everyone having a problem loading textures for this amazing models after importing the files it is not enough to remove war3imported You have to add apostrophe ' to every string in wrynns so it is wrynn's then it load perfectly , amazing job dude ! keep it up please.