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    *GotGunz Avatar/Sig Factory*

    actually i havent been on the site in a long time cuz im alwayz out srry guyz
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    *GotGunz Avatar/Sig Factory*

    hey man srry i havent been on wc3search in a long time. Ive kinda been doing other stuff but i will try to finish the sigs as soon as possible srry man.
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    High School/Secondary School

    im jk tho sopho. good job tho :D
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    High School/Secondary School

    yea itz good to get good grades but to talk about it and to tell everyone ehhhh not so much
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    plz read this if u can draw anime and can make avatars n sig

    alright type that down there in ur signiture box in ur profile: -><-
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    High School/Secondary School

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    The Corrupt Wishgame

    Granted, but everyone starts to kill and beat u for fun because they no u cant die. ------------------- I wish for something
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    witch claan captain

    no cabal wormskulls right this person just cnped off a skin made by whitehorn and added a horrible done helmet. Once whitehorn finds out he will be pissed!!
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    The Corrupt Wishgame

    granted, u know it but cant speak it or write it. No one believes u know the elvish language because everyone thought that tolkien left no traces of the complete language before he died. They put u in an insane clinic because they think u r crazy. ----------------------- I wish everyone...
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    1-3 word stories

    konbladed his konblade.
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    *GotGunz Avatar/Sig Factory*

    Herez how far i got on King-Loth's Request.... im only maybe 10% finished I need to: -add contact animation scene 1 -add contact animation scene 2 -add final scene -add victory scene
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    ---We Thank Darky28---

    Darky, Darky, Darky. What can i say but thanx a lot. Ur awesome!!! -Alex
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    *GotGunz Avatar/Sig Factory*

    i can only work on weekendz so it may take awhile
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    just cooooooooool!!!!!!!!! Awesome job for a CnP!!!!
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    Favorite food guessin u like cats....a lot!