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Mar 19, 2020
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Mar 19, 2020
    1. Justicebringer
      Tell me when you are 100% done
      with the Arcane!
      Next we can make the firemage or fix warlock
      or frost dk, warrior... as you wish.
      Till Im working on special effects and models.
      I hope Andreariona will provide a warrior model.
    2. Justicebringer
      No way!
      Since its a 640x480 file,
      its a damn good size.

      I have many models but why not,
      I want to see those!
    3. Justicebringer
      Sounds fair! :)
    4. Justicebringer
      Yepp, make it plz! (ゝω・)
      By the way I fixed the camera trigger.
    5. Karassu
    6. Karassu
      Hey are you Roland?
    7. Justicebringer
    8. Justicebringer
      You dont need to make stuff
      in gui, feel free to use jass, Ill
      try to catch up to it.
      I have game ranger too :)

      I think we definetly need a DR
      system. I made some attempts long ago
      but those are just a pile of junk,
      I'd be happy if you could make it.
      I think you know all of this but:
      Each crowd control is in a DR category,
      I think the categories we should
      implement are:

      As you know: Full duration, 1/2,
      1/4, 0

      Spells must be used on the same
      target within 15 seconds of the *end*
      of the duration in order to be diminished.

      So I want every cc to have effect according to
      DR. Also I'd really like to have a mivement impairing
      effect removal trinket. So if its possible cc-s
      to make them like you just only remove unneded
      orders while allow the order for the trinket item.

      What do you think?
    9. Justicebringer
      Uhmm, I forgot to remove
      uneeded geoset animations from
      a model, so I corrupted the last version.
      :ogre_icwydt: :ogre_hurrhurr:
      Dont worry, I got all the models so
      what is lost are basically just object
      editor data.
      Can you send me the newest version?

      Did you see that simple loop
      I made for checking the distance?
      Its bad because it sets mana
      according to the distance. So you
      cant have mana as a resource, which
      sucks. Instead we should make a
      4 tier unit, set the requirement of
      abiilities with the shortest range to
      tier 4 and the longests to tier 1 and so on.
      Is it good? If you have a better solution
      please let me know!
    10. Justicebringer
      Good job!
      Hmm, I heard that you can still order
      spellbook added actives... nm, its not
      a big deal. :)
      By the way most of the terrain will be
      a barrens/durotar kind of theme.
      Ill show some screenies after,
      Im not home.
      Is alter time and presence of mind
      Lets make a meele next time, and so
      we can try dueling and see how the game
      actually works.
      What about frost dk? it seems easy to make.
      I dont want to type so much from my phone,
      butwhen I get back I'll tell my opinion about ccs,
      so dont make polymorph yet! :D
    11. TriggerHappy
      Do you think you could include some more examples and possibly some better instructions on how to add models yourself?
    12. Edhel-dur
    13. TriggerHappy
      I'll check it out in a little.

      Model v2?
    14. Karassu
      Lol 'dat arrow. Okay, I'll try it, but for a few seconds only. That word was my account prison for a year.

      SHIIIEEET!!! It worked! What's the character before the letter B? I tried space before but it didn't work.

      Changed it to something else, it's scary man.
    15. Karassu
      Do it first. Hm hm, a better idea.

      Where'd you get your name anyway?
    16. Alagremm
      As far as I know, I have the most profile visits on the Hive Workshop. So I suppose a merit badge would be pretty neat, even though I'm practically unknown on the forums.
    17. Justicebringer
      Nm, I understand you, as I said I have exams this week. :vw_sad:

      I have I plenty of ideas in my mind but yeah, just get done with the arcane
      stuff I think.

      You know there is the arcane blast ( I also recommend dummy item for this)
      which creates the arcane charges. Arcane Barrage hits 3 targets etc.
      So there is plenty of things to do.

      We should make the system I mentioned, when you set some techtree
      requirements to spells which needs some custom resource to cast,
      so if you want to make it castable you should just spawn the techtree
      unit somewhere.

      Ah, I also wanted a system to easily set the correct animation speed
      of CasterBar. But the problem was it seemed its standing animation
      isnt 2 seconds despite what they told. But Im not sure, Ill check it out
      after school.

      So yeah, there is much to be done....
    18. Karassu
      It wont work. Tried it before, it will auto-change to ******.
    19. Justicebringer
      Hey, can you send me the map? Im
      just so curious! :D
      Btw we should talk on fb or skype
      because its just too slow this way
    20. Karassu
      Hahahaha! Lol! 2 seconds then locked! But I know why, it's because the thread doesn't need to have replies at all. What should people say there? If it's a "bad" thread, then a moderator should've told me before it got closed. Hehe. Add me man.

      Hey accept the friend request.
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