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    import a creep or berzerker troll skin into your map as textures\ridingtroll.blp.
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    I love murlocs

    Da trolls may be willin' ta sign wit' da murlocs. We don' like dwarfs. We got bad mem'ries.
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    Spell Idea gather Thread

    For Choppy: Sushi Slice turns enemy non-hero murlocs into sushi item, which heals.
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    not just for forest trolls... can be used with dark trolls, ice trolls,etc.
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    my first model since who-knows-when.... :wink: edit: first model in over a year! last model was oct 16, 2004!
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    BatTroll (Model)

    Troll Batrider by Gookywooky. What I did here was split the batrider in half, re-skin the top halt to fit with the standard troll skin format,and then stuck it back together. Take whatever troll skin you want (dark troll, 'zerker, forest troll[included in file], ice troll, you name it)...
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    BatTroll (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    BatTroll (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    I'm a big star wars fan. I like the models but using the animations from warcraft models just doesn't look right(especially C-3PO. Apart from that, they're great.
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    Wonderful... looks like blizzard made it oh. well then. Blizzard DID make this icon. Its in the expansion mpq already.
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    [GOOD] Awarded gookywooky's ownage award. I am a star wars fan and i am always annoyed when yoda gets represented by the peon model. Congratulations, olofmoleman.
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    Whats your favourite RPG game?

    I define an RPG as playing an individual character, so I say its pac-man :P
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    Wich race do you like best?

  14. G Beastiary

    Ahem. You forgot Forum Trolls.
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    Webbed Grass

    Just by the names i cant tell which is which. Which one is the bunch of eyes?