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Last Activity:
Sep 20, 2010
Jun 3, 2007



Godslayer was last seen:
Sep 20, 2010
    1. Misha
      ...... careful when you call someone "naga freak"..... >_>
    2. Vengeancekael
      Was nice playing with u^^(its me nighwalker9090)^^
    3. Lambdadelta
      Way to bump a 3-month thread - Age of Myths
    4. Misha
      hello.. dude? i had a system wipe-out and lost the skin you gave me...
      and i can't use the myrmidon skin you submitted here O.O
    5. Misha
      hey buddy, i've forgot to tell you that i had a wipeout of the System on my computer so i might've lost the skin you gave to me (black naga) I hope you still have it :)

      lol.. hope fins and frill are purple C:
    6. ImTheFatKid
      can u help me ?????
    7. Misha
    8. Walle
      my icons aren't that good!
    9. ragingspeedhorn
      Hehh, I've used the dude for ages now, I think since the beginning of 2008 or something :P
    10. Misha
      hey there.... can i request a skin from you?

      i do need it pretty much..
    11. Cthulus
      I absolutely love your work. Good job!
    12. breebree123
      hey man. .whats Zbrush?
    13. ~Void~
      i´d realy like to give you a neg rep, but there are several reasons i wont do:
      1. you seem to be no bad artist
      2. after asking u gave constructive critique
      3. i wont fight fire with fire
      4. i dont know how 2 do to that
      5. Negrep is disabled for normal users

      and at last a lil tip: noone got realy big by imitating some1 or imitating his style. so there is no point in making stuff that looks like blizz made it.
      and @ last... ur frostbreathe looks like the standart frostbreath with some photoshop filter attached...
      Fix'd. :p

      Anyways, I completely disagree with your comment on imitation. Most artists practice by looking at the work of other, better artists. It allows them to get on the right track, and once you know the standard techniques, then you can deviate from them.

      Furthermore icons are not just art. Icons are resources, and if you're going to make a resource for WC3, you'd better make sure it fits with the others already in WC3.
    14. Doron
      Simply amazing...never in my life would I be able to do the stuff that you do.
    15. anarchianbedlam
      Your Zbrush is truly incredible dude. you have some serious talent
    16. AbstractCreativity
      'The Dude minds!' Good stuff :] Gogo Lebowski's chill attitude... lol

      "No, no, no... YOU'RE Mr. Lebowski. I'm the duuuuuuuuude."

      BTW I like your Public Profile background, mate!
    17. Dentothor
      We have your first task in the campaign. read over the scripts and storylines and create the first cinimatic intro. let me know when you have started and when you will finish.
      The RoET Team
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    Current Project:
    Nothing Special
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    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
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    Cult of the Damned
    I was born some time ago... and since that i am kinda... living, the rest is not of your interest.

    Metal, Warhammer, Videogames, Art, Modding


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