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    Create Your KingdomV2.7.

    at what point is this happening? and yes, I think it is either due to the symbols of the Russian language.
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    Create Your KingdomV2.7.

    Hi, thanks for the activity and the description of the problem, soon I planned to translate the card completely into English, as for the crash bug, then try on epicvar to download the latest version of my card, although it is completely in Russian, the crash bug was fixed there , thanks. Create...
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    Create Your KingdomV2.7.

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    Create Your KingdomV2.7.

    lol, i dont know why u have crush a map,but i think its a Russian laungage,its not a virus and bad programms,i play in this map with my friends ,and we all happy, and so about leaks ,in this map very small leaks,couse all points ,forces,units i delete in custom scripts ,so i dont know why u all...
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    Create Your KingdomV2.7. (Map)

    You have a protagonist, you must rebuild the village first, then gradually rebuild the village in the kingdom, hire an army, fight with others, you can also make alliances, declare war, every night to you, besides enemies (Players), I will visit different entities, trolls , Undead, skeletons...
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    Create Your KingdomV2.7. (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Hi ,I would like to contact you,if you're interested ,here's my email - [email protected]

    Hi ,I would like to contact you,if you're interested ,here's my email - [email protected] ,I would be happy to talk to you.
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    Battle Of The Gods V9.1 (Map)

    You must Choose the hero whose fate will prejudge everything else,fight,buy items,fight,don't let your mouth touch.
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    Battle Of The Gods V9.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Safe Youre Kingdom V2.1 (Map)

    Save Your Kingdom You have to survive,to build their own Kingdom,thereby to grow and to be the first.
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    Safe Youre Kingdom V2.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    RPG Prophecy (Map)

    RPG PROPHECY Don't want to live because life is not fucking fair the shit As if you didn't try ,everything will be against you.
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    RPG Prophecy (Warcraft 3 Map)