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    Diablo 3

    Iv'e recently seen that blizz is making Diablo 3, howevery I have mixed feelings on the subject due to how horrably they raped warcraft lore in WoW. So whats your opinion on the subject?:confused:
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    The Great War 3.17c

    I was debating implementing n arrow key movement system though I'm worried that people won't like it any opinions?
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    World Editor Video Tutorials

    for the loading screen can't you simply find its file path and use the picture like a texture. Other then that fantastic there's going to be a lot less 'how to' spam.
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    thanks for the help yall.
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    yes, the image editing software. though are there any versions that aren't a weird file type?
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    thanks to ace992 I can play wc3 again :thumbs_up:. though where can I find gimp in a normal format, the skinning tutorial at wc3 that contained the file was deleted.
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    Reputation: (Post) got wc3 to work on vista

    Reputation: (Post) got wc3 to work on vista
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    Configuring Warcraft III for Vista

    OMG I love you!!
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    Game design program

    thanks thoguh I'm new to programming from scratch what I had in mind is doing The Eye of Terror from warhammer40k. later after I am more skilled I do the horus heresy.
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    Game design program

    since i can no longer play wc3 due to vista I was thinking about making my own games. Though I don't know which program to buy. what I want something that would allow for high quality graphics (call of duty 3 style) with smooth play thrown in. any ideas?
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    Warcraft on Vista

    It crashes warcraft when ever I click on a non-blizzard map, and warcraft is so far the only game that was effected. Although most of my games are relitively new.
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    Warcraft on Vista

    I don'y know if this is in the right thread so sry if it is. My issue is that I just bought a new pc from, but windows vista won't allow me to play custom maps in wc3. It is also the only game I'm having difficulty with but it is also my fav. any help is apreciated.
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    it work for a couple days and suddenly stopped.
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    How to...?

    Not sure what you mean by 2 and I've never madea a duel system so my imput would probably hurt more then help, but to make the whole map visible to all or a player you simply need to make a visiblity modefier for all players.
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    Why cant I implant my cliff tile?

    you have the wrong file path its replaceabletextures\cliff\cliff#.blp depending on which cliff you chage its either cliff 1 or 0