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Aug 22, 2014
Apr 4, 2010

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Aug 22, 2014
    1. Ironside
      Black Hat is illegal, while White Hat is legal.
    2. Eccho
      Well, since that is a jass function, you need to place it in the custom script section in the world editor (in the trigger editor, above all triggers and folders, click on your map blabla.w3x and it should pop up some empty space which you simply copy and paste the function into.)

      To use this function as an action in a trigger, select custom script from the action list, and then "call function_name(paramter1, parameter2, paramerer3)" etc.
    3. Eccho
      I can guide you to the snipped which will solve it.


      From what the parameters in that jass function is... I don't know all of them anymore. But this is the solution to your problem.
    4. Eccho
      Yeah, it will not work. The reason for this is because "Fade out and back in" starts a timer for the fading, and when it does that it creates a new timer handle. If a handle is created only for one player, the entire game will be desyncronous.

      There are workarounds in jass, if you need that.
    5. Eccho
      The trigger snippet TriggerHappy gave you will cause desync if your map is a multiplayer map by the way.
    6. Bloodbath
      yea i dun hav signiture T_T
    7. Bloodbath
      yea just keep on working on ur map it sounds cool..like CRABB ATTACKKK!!!!
    8. TriggerHappy
      This would fade out for Player 1 (Red).

      Custom script: if GetLocalPlayer() == Player(0) then
      Cinematic - Fade out and back in over 2.00 seconds using texture White Mask and color (0.00%, 0.00%, 0.00%) with 0.00% transparency
      Custom script: endif
    9. Dratz
      You are not a good person, I don't like you.

    10. Hemske
      I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
    11. GoatWalker_Z_
      yeah wat i about to say now is i not a racist and sorry for the insults and that ur map sucks and stop Spamming useless posts.... this is not a offence
    12. GoatWalker_Z_
      in garena u keep on saying bad stuff to me u are banned for all i care..
    13. Ironside
      Your pretty much the only one who thinks it's not spam. Anyway, just stop posting stuff like that and you'll avoid trouble.
    14. Ironside
      So why you got so much -reputation for them then?

      I'm here much longer than you, and your posts are clearly total spam.
    15. Ironside
      The Most Unique Signature = spam
      which 1?? = spam
      How big is a GIANT CRAB? = more spam
      -don't click the crab- = guess what? Spam
    16. Ironside
      Stop posting useless posts...
    17. noxwinsloll
      I would like to add, the ONLY funny guy, the rest of the retarded kids here just piss me off :/
    18. noxwinsloll
      you are the funniest guy around here, hands down.
    19. rcshaggy
      Sorry for bothering you, but for some reason I can't access my Battlenet.
      Is there something wrong.
    20. Narrat0r
      So what? That's even worse. Uploading someone else's horrible map.
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