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Jul 12, 2020 at 11:51 PM
Jul 29, 2007

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Jul 12, 2020 at 11:51 PM
    1. Crayons
    2. Paliouras
      Teach me how to possess people in chat plox
    3. Geries

    4. Cokemonkey11
      my pleasure ;)
    5. HappyTauren
      Correct me if I'm wrong, I think it is Anachron's sentence. But I did dissect his sentences to pieces, which is what could've made you think I took your by mistake. His 'no you' sentence is the one you're referring to?
    6. loxie
    7. Geries
      This wall is damn empty.
    8. muzzel
    9. Cokemonkey11
      This changes the way you design code in JS/Lua quite a lot.
      Implementation details always change the way you design code :P ok im done now
    10. Magtheridon96
      Tell me I'm pretty ;-;
    11. Magtheridon96

      Please don't stretch my page ;.;
    12. knight820
      Hi, GhostWolf...
    13. muzzel
    14. Arhowk
      does int/uint really matter? I'm just going to convert readerTypeToSize to only use CHAR,SHORT,INT,FLOAT,DOUBLE

      Wipe ----

      Anyway, I'm going to bed for now, but two things

      1) When something like a short or int is read, is the smallest char read first or last? (e.g. 00 4F 2A, does 00 have the highest or lowest place value)

      2) Are floats saved in string format (e.g. '365.07') or Mantissa format? and in such, do you know how to convert four/eight chars into a mantissa float in C++? :p. strtod and atof seem to attempt to convert it from string format
    15. Arhowk
      What editor do you use for development? I'm mainly looking for something that has a "find usages" function. (I don't develop javascript, if you haven't noticed)
    16. ike_ike
    17. Arhowk
      also variable syntax like this

      var tagToChunk = {
      //"VERS": [VersionChunk, "versionChunk"],
      "MODL": [ModelChunk, "modelChunk"],
      "SEQS": [SequenceChunk, "sequenceChunk"],
      "GLBS": [GlobalSequenceChunk, "globalSequenceChunk"],
      "TEXS": [TextureChunk, "textureChunk"],
      //"SNDS": [SoundTrackChunk, "soundTrackChunk"],
      "MTLS": [MaterialChunk, "materialChunk"],
      "TXAN": [TextureAnimationChunk, "textureAnimationChunk"],
      "GEOS": [GeosetChunk, "geosetChunk"],
      "GEOA": [GeosetAnimationChunk, "geosetAnimationChunk"],
      "BONE": [BoneChunk, "boneChunk"],
      "LITE": [LightChunk, "lightChunk"],
      "HELP": [HelperChunk, "helperChunk"],
      //"ATCH": [AttachmentChunk, "attachmentChunk"],
      "PIVT": [PivotPointChunk, "pivotPointChunk"],
      "PREM": [ParticleEmitterChunk, "particleEmitterChunk"],
      "PRE2": [ParticleEmitter2Chunk, "particleEmitter2Chunk"],
      "RIBB": [RibbonEmitterChunk, "ribbonEmitterChunk"],
      //"EVTS": [EventObjectChunk, "eventObjectChunk"],
      "CAMS": [CameraChunk, "cameraChunk"],
      "CLID": [CollisionShapeChunk, "collisionShapeChunk"]
    18. Arhowk
      Actually no, there were some issues with the syntax that I couldn't convert to C++ and I was going to look up and forgot about it, I've just been toying with 2D OpenGL for the past month or so. It's still something that I'd like to do if I ever remember it when I get enough time.

      Specifically, the main issue i was having was mdx/parser.js, line 580, not sure what that block would translate to
    19. Ralle
    20. Ralle
      I haven't added the borders anywhere yet or made versions for the other themes no. I will let you know when I do.
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