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Jul 12, 2020 at 10:51 PM
Jul 29, 2007

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Viewing thread Calculating extents breaks models or at least the editor, Jul 12, 2020 at 10:51 PM
    1. Triggs
      I love you.
    2. BlinkBoy
      the index table is at the end because they normaly append changes to m3 files when editing and testing models. it's an option in Sc2 Art Tools. it has a lot of logic since if you want to add new chunks and the index table is at the start, you need to fix every offset in it for the new index you are adding. This is done in order to do things as quick as possible for a tool called "Live Updater".

      I would suggest working on Diablo 3 models. Those are a bit more interesting.

      About your rotation problem. You are probably facing gimbal locks. Try transforming the Euler Angles into a transformation matrix and multiple it to the top model matrix.
    3. BlinkBoy
      Well if you thought M3 was badly designed (which in my opinion is anything but badly designed). M2 is goddamn hell. Not only it has been badly designed and kept patched badly but it also has a very weird shader system. Not only that, but you'll relly a lot on external files like db2 (wow database files) and skin files. Also the reverse engineering is incomplete, particle emitters are based on mdx's particle emitters but are very patched and have a kind of weird mix. Also visibility on them, is unpredictable. I have reasons to believe either they have flags that turn them on on certain animations or their visibility is set in the databses. Here's the best format reference: M2 Format

      Anyways, I'll send you some samples once I get home tonight.

      Btw, I reversed Enginered the M3 Ribbon Splines (added versioning to Ribbon Emitters), the Shadow Boxes, The Forces, The IK Joint Behaviors (kinda, need to find out something on them and figure how they connect to bones), The Rigid Bodies and on my way on figuring the Convex Hull part of M3 Physics Shapes (found vertices and faces, but there is a weird vector4 array which i don't know). I'll also send you that as well.
    4. BlinkBoy
      Anything in specific that you want?
    5. BlinkBoy
      Oh I forgot to tell you, try running your M3 viewer on Heroes M3's. If you need more samples, tell me. I can extract more.
    6. BlinkBoy
      hey ghost could you help me figure out why HotS M3 files aren't loadable in Sc2? I already found and corrected some chunks (PAR_,LAYR and RIB_) but I don't know if there's some unknown flag or something. I still can't get the M3s to load even though I corrected a bunch of crap. I can send you some samples if you want, as well as my little converter.
    7. BandolXD
      Please delete your post in my profile. I'll delete yours :c.
    8. BandolXD
      The image is corrupt. [IMG]
    9. muzzel
    10. muzzel
    11. muzzel
    12. BlinkBoy
      M3 is also the format of Heroes of the Storm, which will be modable. So it's not only about Sc2 modding. What I may need of you is some assistance.

      I would like to design a text version of the M3 format called M3L. One that be easy to edit by hand and not too hard to convert in and backwards from and to M3.
    13. BlinkBoy
      Actualy it's the tools that help make the community. Without them people lose interest. I'm doing my best right now to unify wc3 modelling with sc2 modelling, through NeoDex. I believe it's more of an investment than anything.

      I recall that back in 2006, wc3 modding was really pure, people barely made models and modelling was hard because of the lack of modelling tools. We actualy edited MDLs by hand completely, even adding particle emitters and geosets were all done in a simple notepad editor. That's why the format needs to be reversed engineered.
    14. Firelord213
    15. BlinkBoy
      could you test out something? I'm not sure if you have Sc2, but it seems you can use the Sc2Editor as a model previewer without importing the model or textures. It's Sc2Editor.exe -preview <Model_Path>. If you modify the file, the previewer should auto-reloads it. Also the texture and particle-model paths in the model file must use local paths, like "C:\MyModels\Textures\this.tga". I think it would be awesome for making an Sc2 version of Mago's War3ModelEditor.
    16. Crayons
      [02-43-53] Velm: crayons your profile is a landmine now
    17. Geries
    18. Chaosy
      I suppose making a browser was a bad idea considering your post xD
    19. Geries
      You fucking had to do this, right? :c
    20. Crayons
      [01-21-38] GhostWolf: Gentoo is an easy-to-learn wc3 modding program?
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