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Aug 30, 2018
Jul 29, 2007

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Aug 30, 2018
    1. Rex.
      The beta is out now! Check it out yo!
    2. Ardenian
      Hey, if you have a minute, could you help me here, please ?
    3. FrIkY
      Yeah, Gwon, please come back! We love you!
    4. Deolrin
      GW. Skype no longer holds any interest to you? I'm just curious. They ask about you often.
    5. Direfury
      Hey. I'll be brief. I remember you making a little joke a while back about just going and setting up a browser-based WC, after adding a new function to your model viewer.

      It got me thinking. If you have any interest in stand-alone projects, especially something that could potentially generate revenue, send me a PM. If not, don't bother; I just thought I'd put the initial offer out there for a discussion, of sorts.
    6. Ralle
      That is very cool. Nicely done!
    7. Ralle
      Do I see mpq.js? Did you write a MPQ parser?
    8. Geries
      I'm a natural stalker
    9. Geries
      Oh my god, that hair monster thingie on facebook, is that you? :D However yes, all the signs show that it is indeed you. Didn't expect that *goes back stalking*
    10. Geries
      'Sup anyways?
    11. Geries
      Same shit here
    12. ILH
      Nevermind about the PM I sent, figured out myself, sorry.
    13. Geries
      Ya still alive?
    14. Rui
      Nope, it's the request. My last resort would be to use some program that allows you to engineer your own HTTP requests (Telnet, netcat, Curl, anything).

      Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
      Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

      Cookie: 393d54ee87c4f1cc1ebd83995a23c0bd=d708e1857375d48d5192bbe6a39e8307; OAID=74ed8724e5f0584483f94d3c5a92b78e; OAVARS[ad4f03265b45745]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03265b466e2]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03265b47681]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0337f5af642]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0337f5b05e0]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0337f5b157e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0338228fb2a]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0338a68666f]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0338f8d948d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0338f8da42c]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0338f8db3ca]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03395c26cbe]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03395c27c5d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03395c28bfc]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0339a6cdb35]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0339d3e6a31]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033b211f040]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033b5cd1768]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033c26a51c6]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033c2f31118]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033c2f320b7]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033c2f33055]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033cf0dec95]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033f2682433]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033f26833d1]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033f2684371]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033f9f88c1e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f033ffc9bc2b]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0340b8cc32d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03419ba5bf5]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0341a4d2929]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034234d19fd]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034252196e9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03430eb19d0]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03430eb296e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03430eb390b]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0343a764e60]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0345bc9d863]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034600b07c3]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034600b175d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034600b26fc]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03463903fb8]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034651b6827]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034651b77c9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034651b875c]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0347a89c1bf]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0347bab31e9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034872eeb00]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0349dc250cd]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034c08724d9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034dfdba079]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034f3b9de03]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034f3b9eda0]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034f3b9fd41]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034fcdee61e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034fcdef5bc]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f034fcdf055b]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0350db8fe70]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0350db90e0e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0350db91dae]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f035103ada95]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f035263ab194]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f035a9a97654]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f035de1cb7fe]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0362f7b4926]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03630128157]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0364c48a906]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036742d67c3]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036883be1ee]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036883bf196]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036883c013c]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03691ebdfc5]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03691ebef63]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03691ebff03]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036a41ccd12]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036a41cdcb0]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036a41cec51]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036a77949ef]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f036c9d6d6ab]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03a7be23688]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03b4c62c290]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03c32260aea]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03d059ec91d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03dfa6d022a]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f03e92a0860d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0401d23a870]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04060e85841]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0415ee96a5e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0417c601cd4]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f042ae0b32b6]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f042d9b0453b]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0431353bf12]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0434e98dee9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0436a959e9a]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0436cd300e7]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04383f092e8]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0438974a05a]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0438f028b1a]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04391bdc394]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0439a85714e]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f043a0346859]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f043b1c9d00c]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f043de9c1dd6]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f043e5e521d7]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f043eeceb06d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f043ef6cf506]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04400f3b361]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044018150af]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044098b83c3]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0440af4a065]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04415e7709a]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0442497f66d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04428ac4064]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044293d543b]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0442c2159c6]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04434e2db52]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04451bd794d]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0448033ff82]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04480d02539]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04485cebee6]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f04487888c32]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0448bf940a9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0448fc4afce]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f0449f0a7b96]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044bbc1c9a0]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044d2289db6]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044d5780cf9]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044dcb4ce7f]=DEFAULT; OAVARS[ad4f044e865de43]=DEFAULT; (...exceeds 5000 characters)
    15. Rui
      You're my last hope! I'm trying to view a page from the Wayback Machine that keeps returning a 400 Bad Request saying the headerline Cookie: is too big. I've tried disabling cookies and using a plugin (Modify Headers) to edit the HTTP request, but neither of these worked: it appears the headerline is inserted AFTER the plugin is run. Any ideas?
    16. Ralle
      I sent you a tip :)
    17. Ralle
      Hey, what is your paypal?
    18. Rui
      Not planning to pass by the chat anytime soon? We miss you =o
    19. edo494
    20. Geries
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