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Last Activity:
Nov 7, 2019
Jul 24, 2009

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See you starside

GhostThruster was last seen:
Nov 7, 2019
    1. Zealon
      Yeah I'm a Halo fan ^^

      I have Halo 1 and Halo 2. My friend showed me Halo 3, and I've seen youtube videos of Halo ODST, and Halo mini-movies. But I have yet to see anything about Halo Reach D:
    2. Superz_Ze_Man
      great. went to see jeff dunham yesterday. gonna work on the ghost today :P
    3. RiotZ
      Firing a bullet in your facing direction is a smart way to go.. But not using a keyboard movement system that would be terrible. And no I did not research Boxhead, I'm a fat lazy ass.. Sorry.. xD

      Also I was wondering is it possible to make a system where you fire when you left click? Or right click at the target?
    4. Zealon
      Its pretty awesome, but nothing of importance really happens. Its just a huge battle that goes on for ages; some ODST's come in and mow down a quad of brutes with their battle rifes. Then a massive brute sneeks up behind one of them, the soldier trys to get away; but the brute charges him, the brute gets the back of his bruteshot with the blade (it might have been a gravity hammer though, I couldn't see it clearly); and he smashes the ODST like 3 times into the ground, lots of blood ;D

      Then there are some pelicans, banshees, warthogs, and at the end a soldier picks up this cool rocket launcher and aims it directly at a brute; he then fires at the brute point black, and the brute explodes with meat flying everywhere, quite amusing ;)

      But yeah I would have liked more storyline to the whole thing...
    5. RiotZ
      It's not hands-on at all, while you are changing your angle so you can shoot randomly by clicking E you are getting raped by a horde.. It's not practical, I'm working on the same kind of map in a sense. If you have to click your keyboard every time you want to angle yourself at an enemy and shoot there is a serious problem lol.
    6. RiotZ
      You didn't give him a arrow movement system for the map did you!? Because arrow and key movement is absolutely terrible when your playing a game like that, it's not hands-on enough.
    7. warhog
      ah then i could understand it's hard.
    8. Wazzz
    9. Revilo
      I really need to check my profile more often XD

      Since Superz ze Man is back i dont know if you still want help but if you do id be happy to be your 3rd modeller.
    10. Zealon
    11. Total_Warrior
      Nice, I can't wait for the UTM release! :D
    12. warhog
      many artist start by drawing a sketch with pencils and then scan in into the computer.
      I find it easier to draw the line-art with pencils than a drawingpad :)
    13. Orcnet
      well i guess your right anyways thanks for the advice, i might just do it for a 1 map use, its fun using it, thanks again ((:
    14. Hevenblood
      that i have to agree with
    15. defskull
      Okay okay, it's just...
      Don't compare people with other people, it's hurt you know
      He had mentioned my name but you cut his story and said other person has recent helped
      You ARE trying to make me down, seriously
      Okay, peace ^_^
      Hope this kind of problem do not rise again, shall we, friend ?
    16. Zealon
      Sorry for my inactiveness.

      There is a special site that randomizes any images you want. Here it is: http://www.randimg.net/
      You can have a rotating sig too, just follow the intructions that the site gives. You'll eventually end up with a URL link, copy it and send a PM to pyritie containing the URL. And he will gladly implament your new avatar :)

      If you ever want to change the images inside your rotating avatar, you can just change/delete/add your images in the site and it will instantly update the images. Just as long as you don't change the name of your image pile ;)
    17. indomitable1319
      BTW; like my avatar?
    18. indomitable1319
      3 Rep.
    19. Hevenblood
      I am not a fan of any of the stuff. You can, but I am not. That is just my opinion on music.
    20. Fingolfin
      Nah, make as many icons as you wish.
      I've thought about making some halo unit models, there among the brute (since it is easier to animate it's near-human anatonomy). This is what people have been hearing for about a year though, so if you are feeling impatient you could make your own.
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