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    Fall of the Horde v0.19a

    This is not a 'single-player' map.
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    Experiment S - Chapter 1

    Far too repetitive, the dialogue is cheesy and whatever challenge there happens to be is supplied by simply your low health vs the amount of guys there are. It just seems like all you did was spam more and more units as the game went on, instead of actually increasing the challenge. 1/5.
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    - Legends - // [email protected]

    Interesting idea.. But not that exciting. Rather repetitive. It's nice to see this has only orbs as items, so it really does depend on the hero choice. Terrain is simple, which is nice because it means it's uncluttered, so your abilities are easier to use and look more impressive. You can...
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    Ultimate City Control 4

    More information needed.
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    Ruin TD

    Good fun, easy though.
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    A Hero's Plight

    More information needed.
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    Nickba's ORPG v5.04b

    The spawn system is stupid. They units are given ankhs so they revive, so it's not counted as killing them. When they revive only occassionally will they drop the ankhs, meaning you have to kill them two or more times. Voting a 1 because it doesn't matter how good the game is if you can't get...
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    Nickba's ORPG v5.04b

    Big Single player bug. Didn't use any cheats, but couldn't kill any of the gnolls for the first quest. They had these respawn items, ankhs. I only managed to get five kills after the first twenty minutes because they dropped the ankhs for some reason.
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    Left 4 Dead v0.30

    Never had a game where the survivors could win, for some reason. Usually it was because they pulled the guys out of the camp and then the hunters stun killed them to death.
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    Duel Of The Age's

    I had no problem with the loading bar because I'm a grown up. Keep it, it makes a nice change. The only problems I faced were the ability buttons disappearing on the hero when I hadn't levelled up my abilities to max, and you can get gold quite quickly by challenging the captain - 50 gold per...
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    Samurai Builders 1.9

    Make multiple regions, and have them attack move from one to the next, they won't go back that way.
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    Hell Arena v1.2c

    This the angel arena terrain, by the way. This map is just an edited and ripped version.
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    Plague 2 Infected Isles V3.73 (P)

    In order to make them attack walls, you have to use a base unit. For example, I used footmen and modified them in to barricades. Or, you could try modifying guard towers and set the range to melee and the damage to 1, that should work as well. Don't know if you fixed this or not.
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    Tales of Symphonia-Kratos' Story1.2e

    If you don't like cheating, don't cheat, but its ridiculous to stop others from cheating in a single player map. They're playing to have fun, you shouldn't take your own maps so damn seriously.
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    Thor the Thundergod

    Christ you lot are whiners, its accurate, its well done. The helmet is actually a helmet and not just his hair greyed. If you think he needs to be more godly, go google "Norse God Thor" and take a look, Thor looks like your average Viking. But if possible maybe a custom animations so he could...