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    (Post) Thanks for accepting my request +rep and special credits if i find some thing to change i´ll tell you big thanks
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    • Events Terrain - A terrain is created Conditions Terrain creator of (last created terrain) equal to you Actions Unit - Give +1 rep to (creator fo (last created terrain)
    Its a dummy with hammer model, than check "pitch/role angle" than click on it (once not twice) than hold shift and hit enter, then write negative value and hit enter again
    well you can make that in object editor select unit u want and then find Maximum Pitch Angle put it to -90 which means that it can't go more then -90 or less guess it helps
    well i understand you don't like jass spells but i really cant make it in GUI and step 2 is more then a joke its actually editing variables in my script at the top of code!

    just follow the comments and you will be able to do everything if you still don't get it pm me again and ill help you
    well i would gladly do Dark Torture in GUI for people but this spell is impossible to make it that way in GUI, I am really sorry but that spell is coded in vjass which is more advanced then jass and jass in fare more advanced then GUI so to make it in GUI is impossible not because i don't want to make it but because it can't work in GUI.

    However even if it would be possible that spell would lag heavy in GUI so to have this spell way it is will be fare more better idea.

    The reason why you ask me to make it in GUI could be:

    1) You don't know how to install it in your map
    2) You don't know how to edit this spell to your own needs

    If any of this two i can make this within few minutes for you and you will have top quality spell in your map edited way you want.

    Note the beginning of every spell are comments on how to edit spell or install it so if you still don't know notify me and i will import spell in your map!
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