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Last Activity:
May 20, 2016
Apr 15, 2007


Roleplayer on Warcraft 3, from God's Universe,Milkyway Galaxy,Sol Solar System,Pl

Gath_Stormer was last seen:
May 20, 2016
    1. Orc
      Well once I have buffed up GRP enough to have it hosted here (and by the same token buff it up on s159, but that goes without saying), I will be sure to look him up.
    2. Orc
      Well I would like to think I do not need help in RPing or DMing; I would like to say I have preformed admirably. But what I do need is your assessment of the general RP populace: what is popular, what is the general quality, how future-friendly are they, etc. I would like to start on a multi-site RP project with GRP; it would be active on s159, Stormnexus, Hive, and hopefully a few other sites I am looking into. If I do start on Hive, I would like to know if I could count on you to act as co-DM while on Hive, since I already have activity problems on s159. XD
    3. Orc
      Hello there Gath. I've been toying with the idea of RPing on Hive, then I remembered you were an avid RPer here, and so that leads me to finding and befriending you.
    4. varsaigen
      PM sent. :3 Enjoy the in-depth explanations ^^ I tried my best to think of everything about it :P Hope you don't mind 2 massive paragraphs :P
    5. Gath_Stormer
      EDIT:didn't mean to post here blahblah
    6. varsaigen
      it'd probably come out to 10 pages. D: So, if there is a technology you'd like to know about to determine whether or not it is god modding, I would have to know which (getting tired of writing the long posts, so 10 pages doesn't sound like fun D:)

      Beam weapon technology
      Planet Cracker bombs (name not decided D:)
      Drones (and Drone HUB)
      Nova Shields (protection from Super Novas. basically a super shield Please ask about it :P I like describing it :3)
      Engines and Reactors
      Gas Mining ships
      Orbital Defense Satallite
      Automated Beam Sentry Gun (BSG Mjolnir)
      Sentry Gun
      Standard Transport Vessel
      Construction Drones

      That's what I can remember using in Order of RPing where I developed my empire over several monthes to the known super-power it is (other players slowly became less active after the beginning. Life stole them away D:)
    7. varsaigen
      might want to ask about my technology before you accuse me of god-modding >_> I tend to have an explanation as to how every ship and technology works. So, if you have any other questions, I'll be glad to give you a clear explanation (and VERY VERY detailed) That will be all. and I will not remove my Planet Crackers (if you will kindly read my latest post as to how they operate. They are mining ships, not weapons of war. but they prove valuable when in war. :P)
    8. Masiah
      Reforming. It's Player Haven(In The Works) now, by the way.
    9. DarkKnight
      Uuhm, it got killed by the previous provider, however, now it's being reborn from the ashes here: Player Haven(In The Works), don't worry, every is (supposed to be) transfered.
    10. Masiah
      Join us at The Final Gathering of Role Players! We are a starting community of roleplayers that enjoy our hobby in many ways, including Warcraft 3!
    11. Derrin
      Heyah. Alrighty, that sounds good. I'll checkz it out nowz. Merci pour l'invitation.
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    God's Universe,Milkyway Galaxy,Sol Solar System,Pl
    Current Project:
    Currently the {Unanmed} Future RP.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
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    I am a human.

    reading, writing, technology
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