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Last Activity:
May 12, 2020
Apr 15, 2007


Roleplayer on Warcraft 3, from God's Universe,Milkyway Galaxy,Sol Solar System,Pl

Gath_Stormer was last seen:
May 12, 2020
    1. Bel
      Quite well, i got Saken to join my team to help out with terraining, i'm basing the RP on my Lore, which is the NHOB theme found on my website, it started off as an underground private theme but it's kind of expanding.. lol anyways, yeah. looking for a triggerer too at this point, but lots of work is still being done on the object data and such, so its moving along atleast.
    2. Bel
      Hey whats up, hows that RP map going? i'm working on one aswell.
    3. Elenai
      For now, yes, but I might pop in.
    4. Elenai
      I unfortunately, have limited my stay at the HIVE to bare minimum...due to....conflicts...
    5. mr.ikillyou
      ok lol. Havent seen u online on wc3 for a while :/
    6. mr.ikillyou
      everyone got grunt in clan and im still friggin peon? wtf man
    7. OMonaxos
      Lulz I only agreed to do it.SoL didn't tell my anything about it...
    8. OMonaxos
      It will be epic....and awesome,thats what he told me...
    9. OMonaxos
      Hello there!

      I have seen your rp's success and I must say;I am impressed.Anyway the man with the red V(Sol)told me if we three could create a new rp thread.So what do you say ^^?
    10. L2love
      i mean this ill link it for u it the idea of making a little chart like thing telling what happened or what is happening at the current moment for different rps and what characters are in it
      http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/roleplaying-370/rping-updates-138459/ i was just wondering how many characters you have so iv bin looking at the rp but so much pages i hate it
    11. L2love
      lol sorry i type like a 7 yr old with down syndrome
    12. L2love
      lol iv just bin writing some thing downs but it for the RP updates the thread in role playing section for people who are new or have bin gone
    13. L2love
      garth how many characters you can estimate are in your future rp?
    14. Cthulus
      What'd you mean?
    15. sacridshadow
      Hey there. could you review my charater? thanks!
    16. Grishnakah
      Gath. My char was sucked thru a wormhole and brought to your system. and btw, Im human now, so Im not my "crappy" enhanced race anymore.
    17. Orc
      Hmm, well I would suggest try deleting you internet cache, cookies, and other internet files. That usually works for me when the internet goes haywire for me.
    18. Elenai
      I meant, confusing as in 'hard to keep track of' if the RP was on two separate forums.
    19. Orc
      Any response?
    20. Orc
      Well I talked to Elenai over THW and he seemed to o.k. it, but then he said that it might be "odd and confusing" since he is also a RP moderator. I tried asking him over THW chat about that, trying to clear that up, but after a few minutes there was no reply. Then a few minutes later I tried asking him again, but still no response; now I'm not going to jump to conclusions and think he was purposefully ignoring me, but I'm still feeling a bit off.
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    God's Universe,Milkyway Galaxy,Sol Solar System,Pl
    Current Project:
    Currently the {Unanmed} Future RP.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I am a human.

    reading, writing, technology
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