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    Wild Forest Troll

    Not the first one, there was a pack of troll grunts. But thist is first spearman for sure.
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    Trip the Darkness (Campaign)

    Just finished the campaign. It's wonderful to see that there are such projects for Reforged (especially about the Watchers - I always wanted to make something related to this faction). The campaign itself feels well balanced and pretty interesting for me. The only thing I should mention is that...
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    Is it Christmas? :wthumbsup:
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    Grain Wagon Re-Reforged

    Awesome idea, man! It really, really fits to the cult of the Damned and Scourge.
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    High Elf

    What's new here? :vw_wtf: Changelog is empty.
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    Blood Elf Paladin "Rinassa Sunchaser"

    This model is so nice - especially the mace: it looks stylish as any blood elven thing should be. But the shield, from the other hand... I don't know, elven race in Reforged and Hive has so much shield-wielding units. Maybe a scroll or a light-infused crystal would work? In the end, first Blood...
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    Warcraft III Medivh Soundset

    I believe Ready 2 works better without "at long last" part. Overall, great job, as always!
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    Silvermoon Town Hall/Keep/Castle

    Blood elven version with green crystals and purple flags.
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    Reminds vrocks form DnD.
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    High Elves Workshop

    That doesn't look like something that elf would build, to be honest.
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    Warcraft III Balnazzar Soundset

    Hell yeah! Pissed 4 is brilliant, if you ask me :)
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    Warcraft III Mannoroth Soundset

    You did a solid work with Mannoroth, and Balnazzar has much more individualism and diversity in his lines, so I guess it wouldn't be a problem. I too tried to find good lines for him. Ready: Come, you burning devils! Balnazzar calls! (Balnazzar30) What: Ready for action. (part of...
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    Blood Knights (Huntress Derivative)

    Finally, an elf with a mace - a pleasure to see one. Though I think that lynx of yours should have longer ears with brushes.
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    Warcraft III Cenarius Soundset

    I guess Proudmoore lines can be edited this way: Ready: Death to the Blackbloods! What: What is this? I will never stop fighting. I understand more that you suspect. Pissed: When I heard that Lordaeron fell, I despaired. The orcs and their kin cannot be trusted. You aren't old enough to...