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  • Hey GabbyM, are you also the guy on chaosrealm with the username 6thMessanger?
    Nah its cool, I did remember playing Cabal Online during highschool, damn it was awesome, especially when I managed to half-cap my Force Blader :>
    Hello there, I didn't see this one earlier or so but pardon me, for your models are ripped on an online game, such ideas is not allowed here in this site. sorry if I transfer you to a different mod just to get rejected again.
    I couldn't help and see what your profile is like.

    I just wanted to pass by and say the rejection is okay, but you should read the map upload rules.

    Also, the spell section is the section where people can use the uploader's spells for there own map.

    I don't want to tell you about the rules etc etc, you have been here way longer than me.

    Keep up the work.
    All the basics, the names were nice though.

    If it isn't about the map then don't post it there and go to the requests section...

    I am glad you don't mind our ratings because it will make people less likely to help you for one. For two the message you are sending is that your a brat.

    So what if you encountered a lot of people who steal? That means nothing. I have encountered many more then a lot of people and likely you as well. There is nothing worth stealing here, and if anyone wanted to steal anything it is just simply three clicks.

    I will tell you once again, I am one of the few people that are willing to help you still.
    Oh also I read your uploaded map. The Dota clone.

    Sadly nobody will actually care if you leave/withdraw because you'll be seen as a troll wanting attention. We're here to help and make sure crappy resources don't get approved(We actually try to help you make it better) as well to have fun.

    If you can't accept the rules then your a bit childish for even writing what you typed. I won't say anything further because I am trying to help and not trying to offend you. =)
    Hope you fix your spell demo up.

    I am asking if I could see a unprotected version of it in hopes of raising your review rating from me.
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