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    leave the name as it is, I can see you want it that way and its trivial anyways. buut to summon usually pertains to a someone, not a something. Evokers bring about things that aren't necessarily creatures - maybe that fits the bill?
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    im not sure this is the right thread. anyways you'll either need to make a model that has a skeleton below the ground or handle its movement by triggers. Or make fake water thats in the air out of those nice UTM water tiles.
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    the sea is nice, but what about the power of the ocean?

    the sea is nice, but what about the power of the ocean?
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Impressive project with innovative, polished features

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Impressive project with innovative, polished features
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    Goblin Production Ideas

    Maybe combination units? Like you build 2 mechs and they can merge into a big stronger robot? Or if your going for low technology, train big units like ogres/orcs that they merge and ride around - like the Alchemist
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    PvE Events!

    I noticed the treeline blocked the camera at times; are you planning on making brush that obscures field of view turn translucent or something?
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    [Video] Enchanted Forests

    yeah but in the campaign the orcs do go deep into the night elve's forest. Hellscream kills a god of the forest after drinking demon blood and so on.
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    [Video] Enchanted Forests

    there's nothing relaxing about blizzard cliffs
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    You ask, we'll answer!

    Since it appears you have a great capacity for editing in warcraft - why emulate concepts from other games when you could create something new?
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    [vJass, JESP] Time Stop 1.3.2

    its hard to believe you would use the same special effect for the same spell that dota has without knowing it.
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    well its easy to make units interact with objects in a 3D fashion, i.e. jumping onto rocks or having several floors to a building. As long as you replace doodads with units. You can locust them or w/e
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    Save/Load Ideas. (Could use help here)

    What if you just saved the sequence of buttons pressed? That way you wouldnt have to save each value and the coaster could load in the same way it was built. It might be a bit laggy to load, but it would take up a lot less space.
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    Original, extremely useful, simple and well crafted. A personal favorite here on the hive 5/5
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