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    High elves eye replacements (Worker/Swordsman)

    Most of the surviving High Elves(Silver Covenant) adopted the Hippogryph as a main mount from their Kal'dorei cousins.
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    High elves eye replacements (Worker/Swordsman)

    You wanted a separate model for the High Elf Swordsman, here you go!! Just remove War3mapImported and you are all set.
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    High Elf Engineer (Icon)

    A simple recolor to match the skin of Mr. Ogre man's "High elves eye replacements".
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    High Elf Engineer (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Here is ur Blood Elf Icon request. So far for the Blacksmith i don't have that one though. But I'll keep in touch for the Aviary, as soon as I'm done with my responsibilities.:thumbs_up:
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    Blood Elf / Silver Coveneant Archer (Request)

    Here is my custom Blood Elf Archer model this one's got a portrait. Using Moonman's Blood Elf skin of course.
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    Hero Blood Elf Knight Mounted

    These models are cool AF!!!!
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    Highborne Spell Mage

    U can use the Night Elf tag since they are Night Elves
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    Light Priestess (Reforged)

    I have an improved icon that you can use.
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    Gothic Plate Bloodmage (Reforged)

    For those who wants an icon for this model.
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    [Solved] High/Blood Elf Buildings (REFORGED)

    Yoooww!! BTW I have a High Elf Custom Race Map!! It may not be that good, but I reckon it will suffice for u guys. hehehe Goodluck!!! Just choose Humans kiddos.. "This is my first time creating a race" hehehehe.
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    [Solved] High/Blood Elf Buildings (REFORGED)

    I can provide you some icons, if you give me a photo of your buildings with a proper angle. Blood Elf Buildings- Red Team Color High Elf Buildings- Blue or Teal Team Colors (but I think Teal is far more immersive for the High Elves compared to Blue.):ogre_love:
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    [Solved] High/Blood Elf Buildings (REFORGED)

    These are actually amazing!! Although I have to admit the Lumber Mill requires extra details, but the Blacksmith and the rest of the Elven buildings are perfect.:ogre_love::ogre_love::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
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    Khadgar Hearthstone

    Yup it is a bit blurry, I will update it as soon as I have time.. Apologies.