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    :D :) I guess this is a well done model. Good thing to have more dwarven warrior variations coming out.
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    Custom Model Comment Thread

    ok ok guys, I'll be fixing this. Just wait for my update. Thanks for the comments :D
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    :D :) :o Ok then, this would just be another human paladin. Btw, I uploaded a fixed version of this. Tried to make it look more Dwarf like. Check it out.
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    Custom Model Comment Thread

    dwarfpaladinfixed :D :) :o Ok then, hope this fixed version resemble a dwarf much more. DwarfPaladinFixed
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    DwarfPaladin (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    DwarfPaladin (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    DwarfPaladin (Model)

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    HeroPaladin (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    HeroPaladin (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    HeroPaladin (Model)

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    Custom Model Comment Thread

    DwarfPaladin Model :D :) :o Well I played the demo map and I saw some models are needed. I actually have an unreleased DwarfPaladin. Thought you don't need it but I'll show a screenshot in case you'd want it. I will also upload the model file later. Update: Can't upload the model file...
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    Light or Shadow - Screenshots

    finished fixing the dwarf models :D :) yehey I finished fixing the dwarf models I'll try uploading them here or just follow the link I put in my model comments thread. I'll try making my orc models into more dark so it can fit in our maps.
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    Custom Model Comment Thread

    yeah but the problem if i get the cloak back in there is that it doesn't get animated. :? :(
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    Map Request?

    :) :D Hey guys I was just wondering if someone can help me do the terraining for a map I wish to make. It is my first time to venture on creating a mod map and I am not good on terraining so if anyone can help please relply here. I will tell later what would the terrain look like. I just...
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    Dwarf models finished :D :) :o Hey guys!!!!! Just wanted to inform you that i have already finished fixing the bugs in my two dwarf models. They are now ready to be uploaded in our maps. Dwarf Warrior Dwarven Priest (please go to my model comment thread to see the link for the models)...