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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    You mean the 24th, right?
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    That's precisely how I learned the blend trick. I was surprised all of Fersz's dragons were in-game textures only and with some reverse-engineering, I was able to utilize the trick myself in stuff like this.
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    More progress. Blending different Thunder Lizard textures yields nice results.
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    HD Modeling Contest #3 - POLL

    Let the living beware! The Hive's HD Modeling Contest #3 Poll is now open! Cast your vote!
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    Warcraft III: Reforged Hotfixes – Updated September 13

    Warcraft III: Reforged Hotfixes – Updated September 13 More hotfixes to patch 1.33 have been applied. See the previous hotfixes. Blizzard said: With hotfixes that have just been applied: Fixed an issue where Ping was not showing accurately in the custom game list. Added a Region tab to the...
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    Progress on the rider
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    Same model, different WIP
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    I think the discussion is running in circles at this point. Any methods we use, provided that they follow the contest/site rules, are fair game in my opinion. Let's leave the final product critique to the judges and poll thread. Texture work WIPs (went back and forth a lot on this but opted to...
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    Alright, time for WIPs
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    I mean you're not wrong. At 50/50 it results in a nice neutral grayish skin color.
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    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    I'm thinking, I'm thinking!
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    Ratling Gunner

    This resource is exceptional and has earned the Director's Cut rating.
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    This resource is exceptional and has earned the Director's Cut rating.
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    Resource Spotlight - September 2022 - Director's Cut

    It's that time again when we look at some of the best assets that our community has to offer. Some new arrivals, some well-known treasures of old. All now sporting the Director's Cut badge. Gul'dan by @Tauer Model Tauer masterfully blends a custom mesh, texture, animation set, and special...
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    [Campaign] Heart of Storms: Dusk of Draenor

    Heart of Storms. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time. It's really great that you've picked this project back up, and with a phenomenal team at that. Good luck going forward!