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Last Activity:
Feb 26, 2017
Aug 4, 2012


SPELL TEST Lite 0.7, from Indonesian

FRENGERS was last seen:
Feb 26, 2017
    1. Malhorne
      Ahah Barry approves this VM :3
    2. TheWhiteWolf
      No idea mate, I never worked with 3DS :/
    3. Malhorne
      Ahah no problem for me ^^
      All I want is to help people :P
    4. stonneash
      Is background is the model??
      What tools did you use??
      How to install the tools??
      Google the tool its free
    5. Total_Warrior
    6. tobyfat50
      Thanks! The model pack is unfinished and it sucks at the moment. My intention is to make more to it. I'm not done with the ruine pack so keep an eye on it I'll make more updates it's not over!
    7. Malhorne
      Ahah thanks :)
      Lol you exactly have the same amount of rep as me xD
    8. PurgeandFire
      Np! Glad it worked :D
    9. PurgeandFire
      Oh okay, I think I found the issue. The Libram is being created before the unit is being indexed, so it ends up assigning it to the ID of 0 on creation, but once the unit is indexed, it'll try looking up the Libram at ID 4 (the unit's index). All that you need to do is make Init2() called on the game's start, rather than map initialization. Like this:
      scope Test initializer Init
      unit hero

      Libram A

      LibramPage array Pages

      private function esc takes nothing returns nothing
      call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,12,"Use UP or DOWN key to switch the Spell Pack")
      call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,12,"Press ESC to refresh health, mana, cooldowns, and to display this text again.")
      call SetWidgetLife(hero,GetUnitState(hero,UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE))
      call SetUnitState(hero,UNIT_STATE_LIFE,GetUnitState(hero,UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE))
      call UnitResetCooldown(hero)

      private function PreloadAbils takes nothing returns nothing
      // This is just for preloading the abilities, it is not necessary
      // However, I do recommend it in general

      // Spell Tester
      call AbilityPreload('A008')
      call AbilityPreload('A001')
      call AbilityPreload('A006')
      //call AbilityPreload('')

      // Life Witch
      //call AbilityPreload('AHfs')
      //call AbilityPreload('AHbn')
      //call AbilityPreload('AHdr')
      call AbilityPreload('A009')

      // Shadow Assassin
      call AbilityPreload('A00G')
      call AbilityPreload('A00H')
      call AbilityPreload('A00F')
      call AbilityPreload('A00I')

      private function Init2 takes nothing returns nothing
      set A = Libram.create(hero) // Make Libram for the hero

      set Pages[0] = A.first
      set Pages[1] = A.createPage() // Pages
      set Pages[2] = A.createPage()

      // Spell Tester
      call A.addAbility(Pages[0],'A008') // Gather
      call A.addAbility(Pages[0],'A001') // Body Replacement
      call A.addAbility(Pages[0],'A006') // Impulse
      //call A.addAbility(Pages[0],'') // Speller

      // Life Witch
      //call A.addAbility(Pages[1],'AHfs') // Lost
      //call A.addAbility(Pages[1],'AHbn') // Extraction
      //call A.addAbility(Pages[1],'AHdr') // Soul Burst
      call A.addAbility(Pages[1],'A009') // Restart

      // Shadow Assassin
      call A.addAbility(Pages[2],'A00G') // Needle Of Death
      call A.addAbility(Pages[2],'A00H') // Shadow Leap
      call A.addPassive(Pages[2],'A00F','A00P') // Hide In Darkness
      call A.addAbility(Pages[2],'A00I') // Sight Of Assassin

      call A.refresh() // Refresh, just in case so that all of the abilities will work correctly
      call DestroyTimer(GetExpiredTimer()) // clear leak

      private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
      local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
      set hero = gg_unit_H000_0000
      if GetLocalPlayer()==Player(0) then
      call SetCameraTargetController(hero,0,0,false)
      call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(t,Player(0),EVENT_PLAYER_END_CINEMATIC)
      call TriggerAddAction(t,function esc)
      call TriggerExecute(t)
      call TimerStart(CreateTimer(), 0, false, function Init2) // start a 0-sec timer

      If that doesn't work, let me know. Also, delete the AIDS trigger if you are using Bribe's indexer already. Otherwise, that might cause additional problems.
    10. PurgeandFire
    11. PurgeandFire
      Hmm, the set-up looks okay. Do they get the page-up and page-down abilities? Make sure you set the rawcodes in LibramPageShift properly.

      Otherwise, you should send me the map. It'll make it easier for me to debug it.
    12. PurgeandFire
      Oh okay, hopefully I can give you a response a little later. I have to go on my other computer to check.
    13. xAerox
      Thank you~ :) I'll try to finish it as soon as possible.
    14. xAerox
      Bro, u dun mind getting your spell a bit late?

      I plan to start doing Fire Thrower and redo Startshot ability so, it might be a bit late >__<

      I'm very sorry. >__<

      BTW, your spells will require RegisterPlayerUnitEvent system. Don't worry, I include it in the map. :)
    15. PurgeandFire
      What is this for? Is this for my Libram resource? Or are you making a spell submission? Or are you trying to use a spell pack?
    16. GreeN!X
      You don't know Emma Watson!? D:
    17. -Kobas-
      You set their path to something. Then you place them neatly near each other. When you finish remove this path.
    18. -Kobas-
      Sorry I don't understand...
    19. -Kobas-
    20. xAerox
      Happy New Year! :)
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