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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    Saving does not work in singel player mode to prevent players from using the built in cheats in the game. If you wish to play offline or alone, you either have to make a game in "Local Area Network" or on This will allow you to save, even if you are playing by yourself. EDIT: It's...
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    Arthas Campaign - Humans

    So i am back to make a note on my last statement where i only had completed 2 maps. The game progression is good, and i found it more fun to play as i entered later maps. There was some maps that i felt had gotten more love than others, and those were amazing and engaging. But the first 2...
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    Arthas Campaign - Humans

    First of all. I did not say you have to change your campain in any ways, it was just my view based on the first 2 maps as i mentioned. Now back to what i wanted to front on the second map. I WOULD have built towers, but there is nothing that acctually make it seem like i am going be allowed to...
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    Arthas Campaign - Humans

    So i am just gonna step right into it and review your campaing based on the 2 first maps. I do have to say i was dissapointed, based on good review from earlier players feedback/rating. First of all. I am not going to say what i liked, because i did feel that to much was lacking on the overall...
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    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    You have been working on this map for over 3 years. Are you not considering getting some help with the map making? I am really looking forward to playing the final version (no pressure), but is it not going a little to far spending 5-6 years making 1 campaign? I assume a lot of good mapers on...
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    Custom Animations

    Anything that you want is worth it, ay?
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    [Role Playing Game] Acheron :ogre_hurrhurr:
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    [Role Playing Game] Acheron

    I did not take my time reading though the comments. Anyways, game looks nice so far. Just one thing... A lot of people do want voice acting, just don't if you can't give personal voices to nearly all characters. I played iceborn about 1 hour, never played it again after as of the annoyment of...
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    [Strategy / Risk] Azeroth Wars: Pangea

    Well, i though since lor'themar was a high elf after all, but he is always used as a horde leader in all maps... never as a High elf hero :/
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    [Strategy / Risk] Azeroth Wars: Pangea

    I found it very disturbing that sylvanas wont be a part of the high elfs and rather start off as a undead directly as undead fails to defend the frozen throne. Sylvanas was the Ranger general of silvermoon after all ---> Also'themar_Theron Why not using Lor'themar as...
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    Is this different from unit ID, or is this more specific about a units way of acting? Never heard of Unit class names either :P
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    Large map?

    I already have JNGP, i am sort of an old soul to WC3, just somethings i never took the time to learn. Anyways, if i were to devout my time to making a proper maps, i'd like to know this. Not because map size matters, but if i for exsample fill out a 256 x256, i can't increase the map size even...
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    Large map?

    Is there possible to get bigger maps than what the editor allows normaly? I have a feeling that when i make a map, it feels alot smaller than those which are out for play. Is this true or false? And if true = how? Thanks in advance :)
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    Valley of Decay Rpg v1417k

    Criticism. I have not tested your map, but the concept looks like it should in a Rpg. But i don't like the way you have put up the description. It does not sound that interesting because your comparing everything with other wc3 maps or other game, how common or not the talent tree is to other...
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    How to [download | install | configure] JNGP

    So, what have i done wrong? the reinventing the craft is not coming up when i start WE? ( the button on the menu) edit: nvm :)