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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2020
May 4, 2007


retired coder | real life

Flame_Phoenix was last seen:
Jan 8, 2020
    1. Flame_Phoenix
      failed thread reminds me !? I don't understand ... =S
      Anyway, you still want the Jass version of that spell? I still have it for ya =P
    2. Septimus
      lol, I seen 1 failed thread and it remind me and you. At least you are a person who could take a matter and discuss it nicely. :=)

      How you doing?
    3. Flame_Phoenix
      mmm Remember my huge tutorial of vJass? I need your opinion about it, I will start sending PM's to mods to approve it, and I want to have an opinion about someone who knows what vJass is.
      Anyway, I see you left mod position... I guess you didn't had much time lately =S
      It was good while it lasted =P
    4. Hanky
      What favor?
    5. Flame_Phoenix
      Sure, but the version i my map uses "vJass". Although it won't be hard to convert it to real JASS (if you need) I must know if your project supports the vJass extension.
      Also, yes I will send you the spell, but please remember to credit me or my project (CCFE) for the fixed version =P
    6. Septimus
      hey phoenix, i see your comment about this spell indicate you have a better version of it. Can you send it to me?

      Multi - Arrow (Diablo II) - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    7. 5xlPainlX5
      hey...how re you?
      this may sound stupid but...the heros that I created in for the tavern...don't resurrect...could ya plz give me a hint of what should I do?
      thank you :)
    8. Flame_Phoenix
      Lol ... why wouldn't I accept? You are nearly the only guys who always gives a suggestion or an opinion about my work xD
      Yet, do you know vJASS? By your posts I assumed you were quite new =P
    9. Element of Water
      Element of Water
      Thanks for accepting :D
    10. Flame_Phoenix
      Thx for opening the map =)
      GL in the review btw
    11. Septimus
      wish me some luck in getting approval.. XD
    12. Septimus
      I take a quick view at your map terrain via WE, I notice the tile variation was rather too smooth and symmetry. A symmetry form map was fine, but I recommend you to edit it if you want to make the terrain more eye catching and pleasant to view.

      Adding a fog and weather effect could be good idea as well (I could be wrong if you have any add this stuff via trigger).

      Sorry dude, I am too busy with my campaign and cinematic. Currently trying to fix 1 of my cinematic which have a rather high potential to be approve at wc3c.
    13. Dynasti
      Holy Wave v1.2 - Page 2 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    14. Flame_Phoenix
      Dynasti, I am happy you want to learn. I am also available to help you.
      My msn is: flame.phoenix.sor at g m a i l . c o m (at = @, without the spaces ! this was done to prevent spam BOTS from getting my e-mail).
      Well, the first thing about vJASS, you are in a nice clan for that effect, yet you must know some of their techniques are now considered archaic and there is no proof of their knowledge so far. Sure they have good coders, but the real point here, is becoming better than them, because that is possible.
      Try visiting wc3campaigns.com
      You will find this website the most evil place, where people will try to destroy your codes in every way. If you survive it as I did, You will become a great Jasser.

      However, you must wait for now, I have a busy week full of exams and such, so if you want my help, you will have to do so by using the PM system.

      Also be warned, don't fall in the darkness of NGO, although they are very good coders, as I said, you can be better.
    15. Dynasti
      Hey hey hey ^^ Rage System ( Beta ) - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site , My rage system xD
    16. Dynasti
      Hey :D thx for finding my problems, im looking forward to solving them :) Il use blue flavor :P but is there any more i should use??

      Btw: I have always looked up to you and i always wanted to be a good vJass scripter, everytime you posted a new spell i was pushed forward a little bit by trying and trying. So if you could be so kind and help me with my first vJass spell i would Appreciate it.

      I am going to rep you for the rest of your life!
      you may ask: "Why?"
      I'l awnser: Because ure nice :)

      Q: Do you have msn? :P
    17. Flame_Phoenix
      Red flavor for timer Utils is not advised, please use Blue Flavor. I will soon re -read your code again, but I also want credit =P
    18. Dynasti
      Hey i have started with vJass :D so im taking a dump on that handle vars system and using structs :P

      Btw i used your sun ray spell for some of my learning :Dx3

      Please check it out and help me make it more efficent ( i just know you will :P )


      Edit: Could you maybe Re-Rate it?? :P
    19. Flame_Phoenix
      Dynasti, no I only use one group for ALL instances. And no; i don't even destroy a group in Sun Ray spell. Please check the code next time.
      Keep trying though, you'll make it eventually =P
    20. Dynasti
      Hey a big tip. for ure sun ray thingy ure creating two groups :P you could just create one and add an if else endif :)

      Just like

      if UniIsAlly then
      ( . . . )
      elseif UnitIsEnemy then
      ( . . . )

      This saves you some lines of scripting :D
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