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Jan 8, 2020
May 4, 2007


retired coder | real life

Flame_Phoenix was last seen:
Jan 8, 2020
    1. Flame_Phoenix
      Crap, I said "it is" but I wanted to say "it isn't". I am sorry for my typo, the sentence has a different meaning =S
    2. Septimus
      Do you think you can help me fix it if I send the campaign to you?
    3. Flame_Phoenix
      as far as I know it isn't ... when you don't use vJass.
      For more information about I2H:
      Why I2H is evil? - Wc3campaigns
    4. Septimus
      so no matter how it was edit, the I2H bug was inevictable?
    5. Flame_Phoenix
      Only forcing the function to use gamecache directly. That would allow you to remove Kattana's Handle Var system, however you would still have the I2H bug ... so that would solve little...
    6. Septimus
      is there any way to remove it and at the same time enable woven touch to stay function?
    7. Flame_Phoenix
      vJass is suitable for campaigns, in fact recent developments allow users to make vJass campaigns now. Problem is that to make them, they need to know more. vJass is not for Newbies Septimus, is for people who want to create something advanced.

      Just remove Kattana's Handle Var system, and all will be Ok.
    8. Septimus
      vjass not suitable for campaign? I heard the news a lot, but why?

      I would remove it soon once I had all those spell in my campaign.
    9. Flame_Phoenix
      It will be complicated, I assure you that. However I don't think your campaign is ready for vJass yet, you would have a few problems you would have to consider.
      For now, the best thing you can do (if possible) is to remove that spell and the system and replace it with something else.

      About me working on it for vJass, I intend to add that spell for one of my creep's spells, so I want to remake it in vJass.... however I didn't have enough time to do it yet ...
    10. Septimus
      Once I have all the spell in my campaign, do you think you can work on it using vjass?
    11. Flame_Phoenix
      There is a reason why Daeling used Kattana's system, such a spell needs an advanced stored system, such as cache to be easy to work with.
      I would probably be able to help, however I would need to use vJass.... which is a problem since your campaign doesn't support it ..

      I am afraid there is little i can do...
    12. Septimus
      Can you make a woven touch ability for me then? The spell was really awesome, it is a shame not to be able to use it.
    13. Flame_Phoenix
      There is no viable fix for the Kattana's I2H bug as far as I know. MY advice is: get rid of that thing before you start having problems...
      If you don't believe try asking to purplepoot, Vexorian or read this thread:
      Why I2H is evil? - Wc3campaigns

      As I said, if you want to add advanced spells, your best choice is using vJass afaik.
    14. Septimus
      I already import the spell into my campaign long time ago. It was a nice spell and it suit my hero character.

      what type of bug inside the kattana's system? Can you help me fix it?
    15. Flame_Phoenix
      That spell uses Kattana's system, even though Daelin was a great coder, that spell is sick due the use of Kattana's system, which has the I2H disease. That spell is bugged, don't import that thing to your map, you may have problems, specially on a camapaign ... I remember Pyrite having problems when he imported Kattana's system into his project (I remember this because I was part of his coding team).

      If you want to use complicated spells, use vJass. However although that will allow you ti create more stuff, that will also require you to learn a few more things ...
    16. Septimus
      Soo far I only import 1 jass spell into my map called Woven Touch which are created by Daelin. I view the JASS and it seems to be leakless, but I could be wrong.
    17. Flame_Phoenix
      About BJ's, that depends. Some BJ functions are evil, others are good. If you know how to call functions, then you know more then you need to use my Jass spell in your campaign. About invalid data, that is weird, i need an image of the error or something like that.
      Btw, did you considered making or using vJass on the campaign ?
    18. Septimus
      In the future, if there is any rejection of resources. It should be bring to the staff attention peacefully, 1 of my melee map was rejected by Gilles and I discuss it with him to know exactly what's wrong and then fix it. If you view my Stairway map, you would notice it was my only work that are review thrice.

      Yep, it was a bad thing that are almost unevictable. Not many people able to discuss a matter peacefully just like ghan_04.

      Well, jass should not have any bj because it was gui setup, wasn't it? Apart from bj, what else should not exist at jass? Soo far I only read ghan tutorial on how to start function, call and end function.

      Also, why some jass spell give invalid data even though I have copy and edit all those unit id?
    19. Flame_Phoenix
      Lol septimus ... If I remember well, I also insulted you, and you answered me with rep--. I was pissed because of the rejection as well lol. Well, I didn't argued about the rep--, you were right, I deserved it and I assume that. I am very happy that we fixed the problem, and in fact, I even take it as a personal win, because I see you as a friend now.
      Flame wars can be constant in foruns, most of the time we make a post and we don't even consider the feelings of the person that reads our post. People just need a someone rational to help them solve their problems in a peaceful way and to help them see all "points of view".

      As for the Jass version, I am very sure you will know how to manage it. I added a nice commented setup section were you can make your changes. You only need to change a few lines, it is very easy, and you don't need to worry about any BJ problems.
      As for the morale system, I must know what that is... and as for the spells, why not?Bring them on! xD
    20. Septimus
      I seen somebody flame pyritie because pyritie reject his model, soon this guy has been ban for creating flamming thread.

      It remind me of the incident of you having a dispute with me due to the misunderstood term of alpha and beta stage map. I am glad you take a matter into discussion instead of starting a flame war.

      The spirit in map making, model and icon lies at this part. If we want to success, we should discuss and solve something peacefully.

      I might want jass version, but I only know basic jass such as start function, call function and end function. I still don't know how to remove bj... XD

      I might need your help in developing morale system for my campaign. But I need to get the campaign done first.

      Want to have a preview of those campaign spell? :razz:
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