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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2020
May 4, 2007


retired coder | real life

Flame_Phoenix was last seen:
Jan 8, 2020
    1. DoOs_101
      The fact that you assume Blizzard will dissapoint mapmakers yet again in Sc2 bewilders my mind, even when you're not a Sc2 beta tester, active at Sc2 fan sites, or went to Blizzcon yourself, which makes me think from the start that you're bloody arrogant. What subject are you going to throw in your ridiculous assumptions next?
    2. Flame_Phoenix
      Well, seems like someone else already answered for me xD
    3. Jack_Sparrow93
    4. Flame_Phoenix
      Hey =)
      What's up?
    5. Code Lyoko
      Code Lyoko
      Hai Flame_Phoenix! :D
    6. Flame_Phoenix
      Try reading the instructions and the SETUP, you will have it working on now time. If you have problems try posting here again.
    7. M_Vegeta
      hmmm i wonder im not very familiar with jass but i really want to use jass system on CreepSpot 1.7, i wonder how could i make all unit respawn after 55 sec O_o
    8. Flame_Phoenix
      LOL ... well your multiboard biggest mistake was to make it all on 1 trigger. Doing so made it really hard to debug, and even worse to update. My recent Multiboard however is 100% modular. I fix most bugs in a couple of minutes and I can add new modules very easily as well ( I intend to do so soon).
      However it takes a lot of triggers (though, it is really easier to use).
      I can give you an Open Source version of CCFE if you want one, to check the multiboard =D
    9. Ciebron
      So you finally replaced my shitty multiboard, man that suxed ^^. But could you help me code an efficent one? since im trying to do one for my map project.
    10. Flame_Phoenix
      Sure, I am on holiday starting today. Which spell do you need me to do first?
    11. Septimus
      so, you going to help me today? haha
    12. Septimus
      well, i am sure there is some way to remove it just that it need time to figure it out.
    13. Flame_Phoenix
      The spells you want me to remake seems quite complex. I am not sure if it is even possible to remove the indexing systems they use.

      And yes, only day 17th...
    14. Septimus
      ooo... so you are going to be free by this 17th?

      Gee, really hope you could help me in my campaign project. it was tough to have all those spells fully done in jass and 100% local variable. :P
    15. Flame_Phoenix
      Mmm very well. I will have free time starting from 17 Jully. I will be able to help you then =D
      Until day 17 Jully I have a maths exam and all time to prepare is little.
    16. Septimus
      it is really hard to know if the spells was 100% efficient, considering that every coder have their own unique way in coding.
    17. Septimus
      well, it would have to be jass.. not vjass.. there is no editor that compile it properly if it was vjass
    18. Flame_Phoenix
      Mmm, wermmm 1 question, do you want it jass or vJass ? Can your camp support that now?
      I need to know so I am prepared, you never told me which of them you want xD
    19. Septimus
      hi flame_phoenix, want to help me in 1 of my project? it involves a lot of gui to jass converting. I been trying to convert all of it to jass, bjless, 100% local variable and bugless and hell, there is plenty of problem arise. =.=
    20. Flame_Phoenix
      Holy Jesus !? I did return !
      I must say this is quite unexpected ... we have so much to talk !
      I evolved so much ! Some people even consider me a great vJasser. I think I may be able to teach you some stuff in return xD Now everything is different =P
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    WarCraft 3 Account:
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    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Blood Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor


    Check out my tutorials at:
    1-Creating a Hero Tavern
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    Finally, check my project:
    Castle vs Castle Flame Edition
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