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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2020
May 4, 2007


retired coder | real life

Flame_Phoenix was last seen:
Jan 8, 2020
    1. Septimus
      flame_phoenix, i might need your help to figure out how to use the subtitle engine of anitarf cinematic system.. it could prove to be very useful for me.
    2. Septimus
      phoenix, you're from england? if your english was very well spoken, i need the help i could get for my campaign.
    3. Lore-Wolf
      Xarwin said it was ok if you helped making the hero :D
    4. Septimus
      just need some1 to check a code in the spells? :p
    5. Septimus
      do you still familiar with jass? i not mean vjass XD
    6. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      you will have to contact pyritie, I do not have power over the SC2 forum (if I did those would be fixed).
    7. Kingz
      Sory if my post made it look like i got upset, i just found it interesting to comment on.

      Best regards.
    8. Septimus
      By the way, if you reply to ppl who post at your visitor msg. You're suppose to post at their profile and not yours, they won't read it unless they visit your profile cause they don't know about it. :p
    9. Septimus
      Most user doesn't notice the str,agi, int was re-written into soul, wisdom.... it would be change to the hive battlefield format once we have sufficient concept.

      the main reason why i limit it into 3 per user is because

      1) It save the developer team the time to browse through all those concept and focus on much important matter.

      2) It was a complete waste of time and talent of the user just to focus countless of concept at himself, while he/she could use the time on thinking a much better concept for item, system and etc etc.

      3) If the biography doesn't fit or the author itself doesn't like it after a period of time or wanted change, it could be change at the next version. The same goes to ability as well, it could be scrap and change from time to time, thus it isn't entirely necessary to do make soo much concept.
    10. Flame_Phoenix
      It makes no sense to limit the amount of suggestions one person can make. It also makes no sense to limit the number of suggestions from which 1 person can choose. See it this way: Imagine you go to the market and you want to buy some fruit, however there are only 3 types of fruit. Is this enough? No, you will most likely go to another market where you have more variety. This is the same case, users can make suggestions, and then the owner should choose the suggestion (the type of fruit) he likes the most.

      As for the heroes, you say that the first version of the map will be released with 40 heroes ? I think that quite a high goal. You really should make the number smaller, to 10 heroes per example. Balancing and bug fixing heroes is hard.
    11. Septimus
      Btw, I have many hero ideas from other games and such. How many hero ideas can I post? What if I want the community to give me feedback? Can someone create a thread for that please ?
      Max 3 hero concept per user just like the rules imply cause no matter how much hero concept you make to represent yourself, only 1 would be accepted.

      As for feedback, there would be a thread for it after we had 40 hero concept representing 40 users.
    12. Flame_Phoenix
      I am logged here, but I only make occasional visits to see my posts and tutorials. I also miss the good old time, when I had free time to code here :D
    13. Anachron
      Heh, you still log in here, don't you? :) I miss you.
    14. Flame_Phoenix
      Thx Kalivos, it means a lot to know that some people trully appreciate my work.
    15. Kalivos
      Very very good tutorials!
    16. Flame_Phoenix
      I appreciate your enthusiasm, however I retired from the coding communities. I won't be making more tutorials. I am sorry about that.
    17. bigapple90
      patiently waiting for your next tutorial :)
    18. Flame_Phoenix
      Those images are the reason why I invited you to CCFE team lol...
      Keep on the good job.

      And don't forget FRED !!! HE IS IMPORTANT !

      Btw, why the hell do you have Lirch avatar?
    19. Anachron
      Thx for the comments, just started terraining. If you think thats awesome, wait for the final result. Those are only fast placeables so I won't forget what I thought.

      Hope you like it =)
    20. Flame_Phoenix
      Your assumptions are, once again, wrong. First I have wc3 experience. They belong to the same companies and so I can therefore apply the principle "entity trust" which tells me I shouldn't trust the entity. Second, though I am not a sc2 Beta tester I am close to the communities testing it such as BF forums which offer free Beta keys.

      To end my statement, please note this statement is about your quote, therefore I am not assuming anything. Furthermore I would like to state that someone doesn't need to go to Blizzcon to know what's going on. Blizzcon doesn't even exist where I live, and I am sure I know people that know stuff about sc2 that we both don't even dream about.

      I confess I am disappointed at your actions, I was expecting more wisdom from your part. So far the only thing I see is someone who is angry and that tries to have a revenge by throwing as many accusations as possible instead of making arguments.

      I am happy you decided to take this to a demi-PM level though.
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    Blood Elf
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    Kirin Tor


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