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    Which fruits do you eat the skin of?

    My canines and premolars are sharpened to within the width of an atom. They'll tear the skin clean off a baby.
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    BETA ENDS March 12 (2021) - [TODAY]

    Quick, somebody post a rep drama thread before they—
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    Is this basically what goes on in France to this day?

    Is this basically what goes on in France to this day?
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    Need an image Animated

    This is pure genius.
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) d('-' d)

    Reputation (+4): (Post) d('-' d)
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    Subforum structure

    Off-Topic, along with all its nested subforums, barely get any new replies or threads as it is. As far as I can tell people just use the Discord channels instead of posting in the forums. That's the main reason why I don't think all these separate boards make any sense. We're just decreasing the...
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    Comment by 'fladdermasken' in media 'Space Whales'

    @kellym0 Checked out some gameplay footage and I can totally see that. Right down to the space whales.
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    Comment by 'fladdermasken' in media 'Eden'

    @deepstrasz Yeah. That wasn't strictly speaking supposed to be the sun. The whole thing is kind of trippy. It was meant as an LP cover iirc. Either way it's four years old and I don't have the map backed up so, you know, c'est la vie. @7oda Yup they're all just screengrabs from the editor...
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  10. Faraday Gardens

    Faraday Gardens

  11. Eden


  12. Merry Fucking Winter

    Merry Fucking Winter

  13. Space Whales

    Space Whales

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    Subforum structure

    Honestly it'd probably make the most sense to merge AT LEAST Gamer's Hub, Programming, Roleplaying and Computer Tech with the main board. Probably Medivh's Tower too. Something Else could remain helpful from a moderation standpoint to dump some content in. Doubt there's any vested interest in...
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    Lan Party!!! Ye

    RICOCHET, obviously. Ricochet on Steam