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  • HA! I also participate in a project about the Trolls =)) If it is interesting here is... At leisure I look your map...
    Trolls of all countries unite!
    Find a time that you would normally be "Sleeping" and let me know when that is. I can probably take your map during that time and fix your "vision blocker spam" for your RPG so that it is slimmer and more effective.
    Well, the hero defense really blew, so I don't think you'd like that one. haha. But I will upload the campaign series here for select people who still want to play it.
    I didn't know about map development before hand so I uploaded it to where I thought it should go, no need for threatening messages and bad reviews over pathetic little details within the game when you could just let me know about them and they could be fixed within 5 minutes..
    Why would you not use map development? I don't understand that decision. You can easily attach maps to posts in map development, why not use it first?
    Im back to working on my map now its very close to being finished, Just need to fix the quest Info And i will release it as a completed map. I will also update the map with more features in the Future
    (New Version every Month)
    I've got you! And don't pretend you're not on! - Sign in on Skype you slippery Troll,you!
    Sorry for spamming your Visitor-Message-section but I was really worried you were dropping the project. There's good news and some bad news...The good news : Yes, I have a Skype account ; Bad news : My headset (with mic included) just got literally crushed by my wonderful mother's tiny feet while she was vacuuming (don't ask what they where doing on the floor, mom gave me a Rick-Astley type of explanation anyway) - I'm kinda soundless for a few days I guess and if mom wouldn't be such a cheapskate, I could ask her for some money today, but alas..."Nei!" she would say...I'd like to review an updated version of your map, the one I have (9A is it?) either leaks or has some in-game lag of some sort. Oh P.S. -do you still need that writer? (I suck at triggers)
    Since I'm having problems with the current version,I hope you'll be uploading your fixed one soon. -reminder-
    I'll try to review it today (I went to sleep after failing to pick my hero,yesterday). Thanks for the Rep, but you deserve it more than I do ^^
    Erm if you are clicking on the hero and it isnt giving you him then type -repick and then try again ive never had it go wrong. Btw i havent uploaded the fixed version yet cause im editing it right now! :p
    Well...either I'm just uninformed or this is a bug of some sort : I clicked "Yes" to see your opening cinematic, which was o.k. by the way, but the "immolation" effect really ruined it visually >_> ...Right, so : Bug or just me not knowing what to do : I tried double-clicking / clicking then pressing ESC (just like in Diablo III ,Cloudwolf style) and well...I can't pick a hero! T_T - help me out here. Also : certain Texts don't match primary attributes of certain heroes (both names start with "J" so I can't really remember) Although the text said : "Primary Attribute Agility" it was actually strength and vice-versa. (a minor detail,don't panic). Sooo : how do I pick my hero again? *is dumb*
    Well hey, Fire.Troll - I'm one of the guys that posted on your RPG thread (but you already know that since you added me to your friend's list,so yeah XD) - Yes! -I will further test the map to give you as much feedback as possible (I'm a RPG addict and Troll fan). Will post a full review soon! Thanks for adding me and have a safe and productive day!
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