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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    Well, I use on of the brushes that comes in the new version of paint, then I use some light colors (yellow, lime and light-green) and make some small curved lines, it's not that hard actually :D
    Well, you could try working with depth, try adding more shadows and try using brushes in Paint for awesome effect (see my Ares), just try it out :D your FSJALS already look awesome, but they could use extra stuff :p
    first of all I'm so happy that you like my fsjals :) !! secondly, it would be a honnor to help you so aske me what ever you want about how I work or concil and I'll help you as I can :) !! Finally, sorry but the link that you sent to me don't work (I think that the album is private and not public) !!

    ps: if you are the author of your avatar it is awsome :D !!
    I've considered the level cap part before but end up sticking to this. The map will be in inactive status until im back free.
    Welcome back pal :D
    But I'm having an exam soon so i'll be busy until mid oct.

    Thanks man!
    well,i guess it's free,but i have only CS3,Dunno about higher like CS4 above
    Yo, it's been a long time but I'm in need of your talent once again. I'd need ideas for a boss's loot. It's undead/unholy/reanimate themed boss and would need several drops.

    I need 3 tank item, 2 melee dps item, 4 ranged dps item and 2 healer item

    As for my maps, rangers mainly uses Spell Power, a custom stats as their main damage source while melee uses attack damage. Healer uses Spell Power as well.
    Ummm,I remembered your comment at UDducky's Profile "You rich fuck,using awesome photoshop"
    But Photoshop is free... lol
    Hmm oh yay! In this map, all hero got a spell book in addition to five-six ability they have on their 'main frame'. Inside the spell book they have 3 types of abilities, type 1 have 4 abilities, type 2 have 4 also, and type 3 have 3 abilities. For the mage, she had 4 frost based for type 1, 4 fire based for type 2, and 3 arcane based for type 3. So maybe i might add Fireburn as it's last name and perhaps an AoE point blank nuke named final burn for it's ability. Thanks for suggestion ;)

    Edit: You don't mind you name mixed with a female's becuz the mage is female right? But if you do mind, tell me. I'll make the mage male then. But we lsot the only female in-game :(
    Oh ya, sure. If it's done.

    Some Current Progress:
    Heroes: almost done, lack of druid ability and warlock's(for warlock i can't find much base ability that gives a buff on target argg...)

    boss 1 - Done, the encounter is simple as hell!
    boss 2 - Done, A little challenging, but quite boring, not much skills required
    boss 3 - Zero progress on it. But it started with 500 health, so that player don't have to hit it to it's death until it gets scripted
    boss 4 - Done, challenging, medium skills require
    boss 5 - Done, lot's of movement required, high attention + well control of your health needed
    boss 6 - Done, might still have some bugs
    boss 7 - Done, Most Epic + awesome + challenging boss fight i ever made.
    boss 8(final) - A little progress only, will be a long and epic one

    balancing: going slow, cuz heroes keep getting new abilities and balancing is done after every ability update
    Maybe, but it won't have save and load, probely will release two version, single player one and multiplyayer one. or just one with player number detection.
    Hey, dude, the Pedobear group is now open for the public, incase Ilike forgot an invitation to you. :D
    As you can see in the screenshot named 'Untitled1', It's the great stair boss fight area. Raiders enters at the right bottom side, which is the start of the stair.
    Thanks. Not sure where to release yet but absolute not cuz I don't have an account there. But I plan to give a protected copy of the final version of the map to everyone who helped me and he's okey with the Wow content shortly before official releasing.
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