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  • If you're doing any project or games let me know. I'm a FF7 fan. I don't mind which platform it is on.
    I didn't really expect you to reply. Since I see your last activity was 2 months ago. Anyway if you still do Final Fantasy VII Demo map, maybe you should remove the waiting time since every time someone didn't command their character the time would stuck there forever. Nice game.
    You're my god. Your Final Fantasy VII Template Demo map is just plain awesome. I've played it 2 years ago and it was so fucking amazing that I had to find the creator of it and post this message. Amazing game is amazing, period. Now don't post a You Don't Say meme to me since it's so obvious. KTHXBAI, THX FOR LE AWESOME GAME.
    Hey Valentine,

    I got sick a little while back and began to write/plan a story for an rpg.. a got really carried away and now I have a bunch of characters, locations and in depth background story... even a decent theme and a plot! i even started making soundtracks haha..

    ..iv designed character development systems, equipment systems and thinking about the combat system and mechanics. im crazy, i know lol.

    in terms of programming, i downloaded the free version of 'Gamestudio A7' its quite good and uses LITE-C, i havnt made anything yet, instead just finding out 'How' to do things with it.

    ive developed a passion for designs, concepts and patterns so i love programming at the moment. ive decided my major will be computer and electronic engineering.

    thats the latest from me, still waiting for starcraft II but probably wont get it for a while even after its out.. (too poor lol)
    Programming huh? i am doing programming 101 at the momment (part of 1st yr engineering), i got 51/60 on the midsemester test and with minimal study, i have friends ressitting the paper because they failed it last year and they dont know how i am so good, i tell them "warcraft world editor" haha

    im looking forward to map making on starcraft2 i think we will produce something great, (sharing the load might finish a project haha..)
    Hey valentine,
    howsit goin?
    i was showing my friend at uni some of my ff work on editor and it reinspired me about completing a project.

    i think that a joint project might have to wait untill starcraft2, my engineering course is rather demanding lol,

    in the meantime i made this little campaign over summer, it was purely an experiment and i found it quite fun, a change from ff rpg systems.


    oh almost forgot there is nothing after the second stage, no way to end it that is, so its not your fault if the key to the cathedral dosnt work (you will see what i mean) haha

    OH! and jus so you know this campaign is designed to be a 3rd person adventure, i was experimenting the possibility of third person rpg styling, the game "medi evil" on ps1 inspired the theme.
    Hey is your queing system similar to mine? if so then im glad iv got the right idea

    Btw perhaps we shuld work on a project together sometime, sharing the load maybe what it will take for a final product to appear between us

    ps cant wait for finalfantasy13, its gunna be so cool!!!
    hey valentine,

    got your email, your queing system is interesting how you can enter a command at any time without waiting for the atb to fill and once it is full it will run at the next opportunity, i like it because you can plan ahead.

    i really liked the target info display and how the transistion of the text from target to target was very clean,
    im not sure if i like the use of cinematic text to display commands, but its still good..
    aha! i didnt like it because it was so low on the screen, why is this?
    in my map i intend to use that area as a help text display (command info, target info etc..)
    i think your world map roaming is awesome, it feels like a legitimate rpg haha.

    to be honest im very proud of my queing system, its probably the best thing ive ever triggered haha.. iv begun adding conditions, cheking for death, and other status ailments, still alot of wrk to do.

    however iv decided to limit my access to war3 because im starting bak to uni in a week :(
    I actually never started my project. It was a really large scale project, and I'm just not a person that can devote myself to something huge. I'm weird, but if I could've found some people to help, it'd probly be done by now. I'm making an AoS map now, with like 40+ heroes. I only hav 4 right now, and their abilities aren't done. But I've made some sweet triggered spells.
    Ahh yes, i have already changed the "c Attack Melee" from:
    Unit - Order Unit_Target[Acting_Unit] to Move To ((Position of Unit_Target[ActionTarget]) offset by 50.00 towards 90.00 degrees)
    Unit - Order Unit_Target[Acting_Unit] to Move To ((Position of Unit_Target[ActionTarget]) offset by 50.00 towards (Facing of Unit_Target[ActionTarget]) degrees)
    hey valentine,
    GREAT SUCCESS i want you to have a look, however, i forgot to save your email address.

    So far targeting works great, and the Action queing system is working great (i just hope it stays that way)

    you can also press ESC to skip a characters turn (like triangle in FF) without losing ATB progress.

    Attack is my only command as of now. but its cool to watch the actions fire one after another :D

    Nevermind! i have your email will send you my map shortly
    hey valentine,
    your pseudo if/then/else code was a little confusing but the "skip remaining actions" action you mention gave me an idea to create a new targeting system, and it works perfect!

    also, i looked at your targeting system an the amount of variables you used, it went over my head (its also difficult because its usually only the creator can understand what his variables are for etc)

    My systems doing well, ive decided to stick to resources within WC3 (besides music) until i have this thing working "perfectly"

    Tomorow i will work on the action queing system, ill let u know when i have somethning decent to show you,
    Hey valentine, im working on a new TBB system (being my third time restarting its getting easier) anyway ive just finished a, so far "faultless" way of displaying the command boards without wait, also queing them, like finalfantasy.

    and im halfway to getting the action queing system completed, however my worst enemy is targeting. Do you have a realy good targeting system? that skips dead targets and cycles through all available targets?

    Iv been looking at your targeting system and it seems flawless, but cant find your triggers in your map
    Dont worry! i fixed my little error, all i had to do was add a wait action from before running the trigger that identifies what 'help text' corresponds to the action. i thought systematicly it would work but it seems that without the wait it just didnt work.
    Hey valentine, im having trouble with changing text on a multiboard once it has already been set.
    when i list a players useable magic in a battle the help text at the bottom refuses to change when i navigate to other magic/empty, it just remains as the help text that was applicable only to the first magic listed, how do you refresh your multiboards text without recreating it?

    do i have to subtract that row and then add it again to refresh/clear it?

    what do you do?
    WOW i love the new map!! you have made alot of changes! it appears i mustve tested the wrong map by mistake since i have all ff7 related maps in one folder including your previous versions.
    i like the added music, such as wallmart theme in kalm, the changes you have made too your battle system have also been interesting, such as simplifying different aspects for combat and materia equip, and the world map idea is simple but impressive.
    i see you have done what i did and adopted the use of the letterbox mode, i thort your use of it to display HP was good,

    when i was fighting 2 shinra mp's they appeared not to be damaging me during the first 3-4 attacks, i wasnt sure wether it was not updated in the display below, or the attacks had simply missed.
    i really like where you are going with your map.
    thanks alot for the links the models are all so detailed! 2ndclass soldier, and the infantry i am especially happy about.

    hey i played your latest map, its great, time bar speed could be increased a little perhaps, your system is really good bringing finalfantasy Vii to a warcraft3 environment, whereas i am attempting to eliminate the warcraft interface/feel and mimic a traditional final fantasy interface, i have just began working on the menu screen, item listing and storage is gunna be 'fun' haha...

    also you said

    I had a look at your code too, the way you cycle through targets is very simular to mine. I was happy to see that; makes me think we both must be on the right track.
    did you mean targeting enemies with a command? your system requires using the mouse cursor, sorry i dont follow
    Hey Valentine, thanks for your feedback.
    the targeting system isnt perfect yet since it targets non exsistent targets haha,
    It seems that the patent helped quite a bit with the the battle proccessess, ofcourse i had to twist them a bit to fit the limitations of GUI, but the structure worked out well.

    man i would definitely like to see your map, heres my email "[email protected]"
    at this moment im about to do the triggering for earning experience and gill from a battle.
    Btw did you like the shinra and loveless banners?
    Hey valentine, its not complete but the frame work for the battle system is almost complete, i wantd to do more b4 i showed u but motivation is lacking, maybe ur feedback can motivate me haha.. well when it begins type "start" to initialize the game, there is one battle, no random encounters. enjoy.


    Also, feel free to look at triggering etc

    +almost forgot i made the item command "Skip" instead to test the gameover trigger.
    ofcourse right arrow is select, left arrow is back.
    hey valentine, dnt think my system will be flawless just yet, im going one step further to make the system have no wait during battle, so that commands can be issued and atbs continue while other things are happening,

    iv got an idea of how to use variables to que issued commands so that, unlike your system, commands run one at a time, not simultaneously.
    I havnt drafted it yet but i believe itll work!

    it just uses the integer variables:
    Que_Placehold (Character1-8) =X
    Active_Que_Place =X
    NumberOf_Qued_Commands =X
    hmmm now that i think about it i may not need active_que_place..

    in the mean time, i found this materia system thing with variables, its nothing special but may inspire an idea
    wow, I just had a look at your ATB system, its very creative how it runs in response to an increase, ill show you the soonest demo i can of my system
    yep, the periodic event, it appears it dosnt use any variables, it says no variables of this type exsist, i was trying to make the time changeable by the player (battle Speed) but i think i have another way,

    i have deciced to make atb's use the Real variable array (1-8=character)
    one to store standyby time (influenced by dexterity value of character)
    and one to store measured time.

    i will use a periodic event to raise gauges (measured_Time(x) + BattleSpeed(x))
    Instead of altering the period, i change the value being added to each atb gauge.

    (the atb gauge will show timebased on a percentage of the standby time and be the same lengths)

    a turn is activated if (measured_Time(x) is equal or greater than Standby_Time(x))

    what do you think?
    1.About name:
    Will look
    2.The map is 1.23,1.24 and 1.24b compatible,so I don't know why it doesn't work,will check it myself

    Fixed the rar file.
    Don't know why previous test map didn't work=) Redownload it please=)
    thanx, yea ive already begun to break it down and translate it too warcraft GUI langauge, the algorithims are the biggest help, ive decided to use integer variables to store most data even character stats and weapon & armor str, just need to work out what arithmitic to use to calculate damage
    e.g. ((ATK[1]x50)+(STR[1]x20))-((DEF[2]x30)+(VIT[2]x15))
    that example dosnt work tho..

    Btw do you know what variable periodic event uses??
    I also wanted to ask you to help me with my map^^
    It's not about FF,but still I need feedback=)))
    Of course I just ask,so if you don't want then just say no ;)
    Wow! you really think so?? thanks alot! im going to make an rpg based on a made up character to explore the FF7 world differently (especially midgar).
    its a bit more flexible than recreating all of FF7 lol.

    ill let you test my demo of it (eventually) to give feedback on my "flawless" atb system, (i downloaded the patent for squaresofts atb system lol)
    Hey there, Valentine... it's been a while.
    Anyway, I have rejected The_Dipl0mat's campaign (due to the rules, a map must be nearly finished), but you can download the file here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin.php?id=m2dd9q[

    Because The_Dipl0mat is probably going to read this as well: good luck, I really hope you will finish it, Valentine's template is by far the best one around, so please make good use of it.

    good night ^^
    hey man, its going ok, yep i dl'd your map as soon as i saw it! im doing some serious planning for the battle system. might have a demo soon
    its great! except the part where you can choose to attack and hit the fight button but in the middle clicking away, enabling your movement and your able to run around the place and not get hit :) hahhahah it was funny, comical but the map was an allout great game, another point would be to improve the terrain a tad bit.
    i believe i am correct stating you know what is uber, what is epic and what is not.

    please accept this gem point as a form of my recognition of your talent. FF 7 for the win!
    "Thanks for posting the models pack in the thread!"
    no problem maybe thanks to that your thread will be even more popular^^ and It will help people who want to make ff map:)
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