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    [Trigger] Speed formula with brakes

    I need a fast car that's reliable. and it should be Mitsubishi lancer evo it should look like and it should be dropped off with a helicopter as to not raise the millage thx
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    [Trigger] SST - Skilltreesystem (Desync)

    Why are you asking us? Contact the maker of the system.
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    [JASS] CastBar Sytem

    I'm not sure how yours works, but what I'm gonna do is basically create a new function for cast spell on my caster system, call it Channel Spell, when you use it the rest of the stuff is gonna be done internally, it will detect when persons orders the unit to move, or when a stun spell hit the...
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    Inventory Full Warning

    I'm pretty sure that in advanced game play thing there's a sound file to the error that is played, and also a text message as well.
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    [Trigger] RPG Item Drop Help

    If you're gonna do it for a unit that's already placed on a map, you can make him have an object editor drop table, it's very easy to set up. Simply double click the unit, and one of the tabs will have drop on death items and drop tables.
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    [JASS] Learning JASS. Last Question

    Actually onInit method doesn't run on map initialization, it runs when the first instance of the struct is created.
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    [JASS] TriggerEvaluate()

    Evaluate is faster than execute, but you can't use a single TSA in evaluate.
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    [Trigger] Rename Races

    Don't change them, it's very annoying after the game.
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    [JASS] Timers?

    Don't skip that part because H2I exists but is renamed to GetHandleId.
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    [JASS] Function declaration problem?

    It's possible, you have to use the function which takes string for the function name instead of a code.
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    [Trigger] Array Leaks

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    [JASS] Hashtable

    Hashtable has GUI representation, what are you talking about?
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    [JASS] Arrays

    It actually allocates the closest 2 to power of n. ex: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128... And there are 8192 slots, you also have to count the 0.
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    [JASS] Jump System

    Would look cooler if it was all a struct that did everything by itself, after you created it with parameters.
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    [Trigger] Array Leaks

    Why are you using an array for temp locations, simply set it inside the loop, and remove it inside the loop.