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  • Sent u a prototype of the new combat system. Didnt add combos yet.
    Added the "face" ability, so its easier to target enemies
    I have posted it and gave recognition to you on it and just you, because the other terrainer seems to be so much inactive.
    Nicely done, bro. Sorry for the late reply but continue the great work! I am sure to recognize you at the next update on HT! BTW, can I post those screenies at your album to thread to inform others?
    The party was great of course! I was there you know x)
    A is for Adam, and rest is from my last name obviously. I guess your real name is Felipe Gormadoc then? :)
    Great, about to head for a party with some old friends I haven't seen for years, woop woop! :D
    And Adam Nikolaj Margaard, even wrote that when I edited your story :)
    Oh Felipe! I forgot about those icons :( I was just ill and all that, and I totally forgot man sorry.. do you still need them?

    My real name is Renie.
    The problem is he is hard to contact most likely he online not that much and no, its not that I do not feel better but when the time I assigned you with terraining, he also aimed to join so It made me make further action that resulted with this but what do you want? Do you want to work with him?
    Ok, i will rework the system but im really busy at the moment because im switching the programming language and thus have to rewrite EVERY spell and the whole attack system.
    Of course I'd like to see it :)
    Do you mean no target like you always hit every enemy in front of you or just that combos also work if you don't have a target?
    I've got some more suggestions:
    1st: Spirit System:The hero has a spirit lvl which represents his wisdom and lucid mind.The higher the level the more experience he will gain.Also if he wants to lvl up to lets say lvl 10 then he will have to have at least a spirit lvl of 10.He can improve his spirit lvl by meditating,where he has to do a little minigame.

    2nd: Karma System: When the hero performs good actions like helping other people his karma will increase. When performing bad actions like killing people his karma will decrease. The best possible karma is a value of 100 and the worst one is 0. the higher the karma value the better the chance to hit an enemy critically or to avoid enemy attacks. If the value is underneath 50 the creeps will more likely crit and the hero will more likely miss.Bad karma(<50) can be balanced by meditating and in this state, fighting against ones sins.

    3rd: Chi System: Chi is something like energy. The hero can improve the max Chi value by performing certain combos without a target and his temporary Chi can be charged by doing those combos once. The more temporary Chi the hero has, the more damage he will deal. So you can train your max Chi in a monastry or something by performing certain combos many times and right before you start fighting against enemies you can perform those combos once to get a high temporary Chi level.

    What do you think about those?
    What :D? So I have to draw a pandaren attack (fist) icon and pandaren attack (kick) icon
    S Hotkey is a problem because in most versions s is the hotkey for stop.
    I was thinking about no target too, but I'm not sure about it yet.
    Didn't work on the spells further but I improved the Kung Fu system a little bit.
    1st Combo: Attack+Attack+Kick , then press x
    Sent link via PM.
    Alrighty I'll do it at once! By the way, it is a campaign project or a just a common map project? :)
    But it will take eternity on importing files for it is many and confusion will be possible at that part..
    Because I do think we'll gain more when doing it on the old map, no remakes and such which will be really hard at my part that I really made many things in it. Not complaning but its really hard you know. :/
    Oh damn, is there really no way you can make it on old map. You can disable every trigger if you want on the map so it will not distract you on the making.
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