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Nov 25, 2015
Feb 4, 2013


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Nov 25, 2015
    1. edo494
      well using timers in GUI is rather problematic, I just wanted to prove the point that they are replacable :D I guess if you ask in the thread, someone will help you(I have to go to shop right now)
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hello, I've deleted your post on this thread. Please do not post things like this unless it's relevant to the topic. You've also reported your own post. I'm not sure if it was an accident but please know you can edit/delete your own posts whenever your please in public forums.
    3. tony1509
      Hey, I can't find your "Battle for Frozzen throne" map...
      What's happen?
    4. FaLLeN
      thnx for reply man. Could send me a map that doesnt have this flow. or suggest the url atleast.
    5. Paillan
      This is a common issue, this site will always aprove your maps if you now the moderators, it´s easy like that, that´s why there are so much crappy maps, about blizzard cliffs, i just say hell, look at a real cliff and at a blizz one, see it? blizz cliff yust doesn´t look real. Apart from that i didn´t moderated you´re map, cause i am not a moderator.
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    Kirin Tor
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