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    Is Terran balanced?

    I shudder when I'm playing a favored terran player (I'm zerg).. But I can usually hold my own and win against most terrans. The real question here is are zerg balanced and the answer is no. We have very few effective unit choices, especially in the beginning. I mean before tier 2 we have...
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    Editing and creating models for Starcraft II

    That's why nobody pays for it... Or at least I didn't :P
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    Lego Starcraft

    Does it REALLY matter that much to you guys that it pisses you off. Like really?
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    Editing and creating models for Starcraft II

    I have the 64 bit Photoshop and I thought the dds plugin installed fine. Maybe the 64 bit compatability is the problem. I guess I'll just go back to the data editor then :/
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    Editing and creating models for Starcraft II

    I'm using the one from the link on this topic.
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    Anyone Else Find the SC2 Editor Needlessly Complicated?

    Is it complicated, yep. Needlessly, nope.
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    Editing and creating models for Starcraft II

    When I open a texture I extracted in photoshop it is orange in color :/
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    Possible to make Interceptors attack seperate units?

    In solar conquest on warcraft III there was a ship that had almost the exact same effect as the carriers but they attacked at random. Although, I think it was based off the ability where all those green orbs are released from the hero and steal life from the enemies returning it to the hero. You...
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    [Help needed] Claws of Attack Item effect

    Got it working finally thanks!
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    [Help needed] Claws of Attack Item effect

    If I wanted an item to give a damage bonus when equiped would I have to create a new effect or behavior and apply it to the item or what?
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    Attacking while training/casting

    There is that one vehicle in the campaign that can attack while moving although I can't remember the name. If anyone else remembers this unit feel free to bring it up because maybe it has an ability which would be able to work for this.
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    Saving / Loading Tutorial

    For saving experience similar to games like undead assault 2 and night of the dead this works fine. But yeah rpgs won't be able to store all the info in the banks with a limit like that.
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    Sargeras (New)

    No the face is fine it looks good ingame.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) For yer cool model.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For yer cool model.
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    Sargeras (New)

    Works great for being something that the hive was lacking before. At certain areas the texture could be touched on a little bit but it is pretty moderate. Good job +Rep