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  • Hello, I was wondering if you still had your Falstad and Sky'ree model? If so, would it be possible for me to obtain it? Please let me know, thanks!
    Hey can you make a Khadgar model? From the one in the second war? I really love your style in skin/model making by making it actually fit in war3
    Im not really good at giving feedbacks, but i'll give 3/5 to the Terraining. The camera and spells looks good (4/5). Thats only what i can tell you. Also send it to Shadow Fury, He's good at reviewing or also Hell Master
    What was that map? I can't understand its language. And its very lagg, when i play it, The loading bar can't go, i waited 5m (or was that 4m).
    Ok I'll give it a try sometime this month if I have time. If you would've just given a bit more of a description in your first post I would've been more receptive but it looks good from the youtube video and I think it could be very good.
    The hive rules and current moderators tend to result in a site full of strange deformed models and icons that do not fit with the original resources of warcraft 3, are for another game, but can not be used in warcraft3. I got tired of trying.
    I do wish you luck on making the necessary improvements(fitting hive rules) on your models so you can get them back to hive they're good models :ogre_haosis:
    Good stuff man

    planning on making more Wc2 esque stuff?
    heyo, one tip for any model you add a custom dissipate animation to.. the teamglow below him should never go up with the unit on the dissipate anim

    so.. there's something to tinker on c:
    You shouldn't be sad because your Lich King model is rejected. You have your four(I wish for more Horde Heroes) models that are good.
    You shouldn't steal models and textures. That's why I reported you straight to the Webmaster.
    Quit acting like a god-damn 14 year old. Other than your retarded texture-stealing, you can make decent models. Why don't you focus on making better ones instead of bitching to me?
    I'm not a big fan of that scorpion model. I don't think I would approve it, but it's up to Misha to decide what he wants to do with it.

    The Witch is scratch-made and a million times better than anything you will ever make.
    And the other link is bloody ancient. 2009? The standards were different back then.
    ...What scorpion model?

    There's no need for such drastic measures. Please calm down. You're acting like a child.
    I understand why your lich king was removed, but why was your Danath Trollbane removed? I thought that was a decent model which fit into warcraft pretty well and represented the original character from warcraft 2 pretty well.
    You're overacting and being a child for no good reason.
    Kwaliti did not base his textures on World of Warcraft, and don't call him "my champion". It wouldn't make a difference if you stole your textures from anyone else. You're not supposed to steal them in the first place.

    Your model's quality may be just about on par with Blizzard's Arthas, but that's not the point here. You didn't make your model from scratch - you based it on Blizzard's work, and therefore it is expected that you make sufficient changes to the mesh, textures and animations to warrant a new model. You made very few adjustments to Arthas' original mesh, and therefore your model was rejected.

    I am not capable of "deleting your account". I'm a model moderator. My job is to moderate models. I have no powers beyond that.
    Sure I wouldn't mind seeing something like that.

    Moreover, if you ever wanted to have an English-version (for uploading, or to get yourself well-known here), if you can send it through a Translator (online) I've love to sit & correct it. I enjoy writing tooltips & things like that. (can't promise that I'd be fast, what with 2 jobs, full-time school, church & family responsibilities... but I'd work on it. :p).
    maybe you should tinker with your models, change their texture to ingame so they feel nice and crisp, and learn to add the bits you want to them.. i can answer your questions if you have 'em
    Hey facelessuniverse,

    Have to say, quite an impressive little set of models you have uploaded to the resource section. However, I feel that you have somewhat missed the point; it appears that you are really Requesting for certain models to be made, using your 'mock-ups' as examples of what you want.

    Now, in reality, this is an amazingly helpful tool (it's one thing to write what you want, another to draw it... But to provide an entire custom model & texture?), but really doesn't need to be in the Resource Section unless you are intending it for "final release", as a model maker yourself.

    Now, don't discount what you've done; with a few more modifications, I think your models could certainly enter this database. If nothing else, I'm quite proud of a modeler who values his models "matching Wc3 in-game" as I do. :p

    But yeah. Requests forum (or Modeling/Animating). Good luck.
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