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  • Comment to your thread MOBA - Multiverse Hero Wars
    Because I love necromancers and undeads but there is rules against necroposting
    Butcher (dota is false it should be Diablo)
    You should play Diablo where we see the butcher made by blizzard the first time who were referenced as a joke in wc3 and after became an hero in dota
    also many characters you put under the tag WOW were in wc3 campaign first and as it is an wc3 mod you should put (wc3)
    also there is far more bad guys who comes from WC3 and Diablo (which are clearly connected worlds if you see the numerous things who came from Diablo and Diablo 2 to WC3 like wirt leg or the butcher) than good guys so the bad guys team seems far more consistent and also for reasons of atmosphere they fit better in wc3 (you will not tell me than Picatchu and the doctor near treants and druids fighting is an more coherent army than Anubarak and Kelthuzad with crypt fiends and ghouls.)
    also why taking an firelord in the last airbender while there is an wc3 character who have exactly the same name and that people will confuse with.
    Also I can not stop myself to pierce my eyes with an knife and closing them and putting my head in a buket saying I suffer I am still seeing it one hour after having seen your loading screens because they are too much horrible to watch do something less horrible please.
    I think it was called IceInfernalBirthMissile.mdx. It's gone now, can't find it lols. You've checked the map? One ability called Tidal Wave seems to leak but I can't find the problem, (try cast 10 times on 30 creeps and lag builds up!;(
    I think the leak is of type "offset by distance from center of Rect"...correct me if I'm wrong
    why dont you post your map???
    its awesome sir
    ahahahaha i like the idea of avatar
    although i hate where you put neutrals
    where did you get that blizzard missile from lich
    Thank god for not using WEU! Though hey, it didn't decrease the load time or size of my map! In fact it increased it! :(
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