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    Well made and useful models, kept clean, easy to recognize among and apart from normal grunts. I like it!
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    Thank you for the kind comments! Always loved the design of these and always felt they would fit well in the Warcraft 3 universe...
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    Thanks, I'll look into it
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    Explobomb posted the bundle Genesaur in Models.
    Prior to the destruction of Draenor and Outland there were two factions of primal beings fighting for dominance. On one side the mighty...
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    Explobomb posted the bundle Core Hound in Models.
    Core hounds are massive two-headed fiends of molten magma and without question one of the most powerful beings the plane of fire has to...
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    Thank you very much! Currently have a couple of models I'd like to find time to finish up before I start something new, we'll see if I...
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    When I have time I could make a blue version and upload it
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    Hello! Before I upload my models I have a couple of criteria I'd like to finish. Model, Sound, Animations, Icons, preview pictures and...