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    What is the best modding program.

    G-max is pretty good and its free ...
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    Stave_2H_BlackWing_A_01 U will find some useful tools
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    Ok since nobody wants to explain .... A high poly count means a lot of details. To lower the polys just remove some of the details because high details on warcraft 3 its not a very good ideea. Get vertex modifier by oinkerwinkle and u will understand.
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    Change the sword
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    Its an effortless extracted wow model , don't rate it -.-
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    He needs atack and spell anims , and slighty better skin
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    Protoss Dark Templar

    The model name doesen't matter let it go ... anyway the model looks very good
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    I think it needs some details on the face...
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    Teach me plssssssssss

    Can you just read some tutorials , there are a tone of them :roll:
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    This is a master piece , gj Jig
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    Why all the ppl get scared when they see high poly? ... you want a good looking model but in the same time to be a low poly sized ?? i doesen't exist , more polys means more details Since Mephisto is a boss and in major cases he will be just 1 model of mephisto per map i dont see a problem...
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    For this reason u have to credit the owners aura first ,in this case Mc And try to make ingame screenshots , like putting the aura actually to a unit coz we are to lazy testing ...
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    3DSMax5 Problem

    Whell all what was wrong was is the FPS it was set to 960 :shock: pretty fast heh , but what is the correct number that i should change , i mean for an animation what FPS number i should put? Anyway ty for the hint Pike :wink:
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    3DSMax5 Problem

    Changing the end time will not change the speed , the end time is when the animation sequence ends . Pff... if i dont fix it i cannot finalize my model that its supose to be custom animated.
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    3DSMax5 Problem

    I goth 3dsmax5 and i begin using it ... and when i goth to animating part i noticed something wrong . All anims that i maded are moving super fast, i know for sure that is something wrong with the TimeConfiguration but dunno for sure ... any help?