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    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    Doom 3 Cacodemons
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    Has Blizz actually acted on "Foreign IP mods"?

    There was a card game (can't remember the name) that was removed from the SC2 Arcade because some no-name company complained to Blizzard about that game being a blatant copy of the aforementioned company's game (or something like that). I remember reading about that incident on Sc2mapster...
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    Real News Thread

    Who wouldn't want their brand to be associated with one of the finest supercars of the 90s? ;)
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    Female Dreadlords!

    This is bonkers
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    Warcraft: Dark Crusade [SC2 custom campaign mod] Another ambitious remake of our beloved classics, this time handled by one of the makers of the prominent StarCraft 2 Mass Recall mod (OmegaWeaponX) The recent beta...
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    Chronicles of Azeroth

    Does anyone stay in touch with viktor1995/Rommper? In the early 2020, he said the mod is being put on hold until some of his IRL issues are resolved, but it's been a while since then. You can find his reply on the mod's Moddb page in the comments below...
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    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    Battle of Nagashino - Tokugawa soldiers with tanegashima rifles Inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha
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    Comment by 'Evilhog' in media 'Footman Variants'

    Mind if I mess with your design a bit?
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    Brack: This is the guy in charge of Blizzard... Blizzard's history of working with other studios goes back to WarCraft 2 BtDP (co-developed with Cyberlore Studios in 1996). They also outsourced some work to another studio while working on StarCraft's expansion and collaborated with two...
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    One thing I think we should have been more vocal about is the visual style, thought I doubt that those who never played WC3 before had any issue with the new graphics. Oh yeah, and custom campaigns. But nobody expected them to remove this feature entirely.
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    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    I genuinely loathe the bloated mess that is current WoW storyline, but calling its fanbase "retarded" deserves a kick in the pants. In fact, many WoW fans dislike the changes made to the game's original lore, but appreciate some of the good additions. To be a "fan" does not mean to be blind and...