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    Greetings from China

    The biggest problem is government interference as a whole. Because the government, the watchdogs for the prison of our existence, we can't quite blame them. Therefore, we turn our eyes onto the "victims" of the enforcement, which would be the game addicts. Problem is, it would be difficult to...
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    Greetings from China

    I'm going to have to agree, sadly, with Ki here. If anyone is to blame, it would have to be the gamers themselves. Aggravating yourself because half of the population is busy rambling away in a virtual world is a bad notion to follow. As for hyp's argument of a lack of phenomena detection...
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    Kingdom Hearts is a terrible game of storyline. The gameplay was pretty good, but the storyline. All of it is a bunch of cameos in response to little bishie-craving fans that go, "zomg! i watns my lil cloudy in kh!" Sephiroth, I can't quite say he was evil. He was driven insane by the fact he...
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    DotA: The Psychological Analysis

    Gauntlet, your theory is a joke. Literally. The closest thing to a "cult" in DotA is probably some ill-minded fraternity of which players reside in. Chat monitors are a violation of privacy as well, and no one would get anything out of DotA unless there were subliminal messages, and if I really...
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    Music Themes

    I'm trying to recreate one specific theme, but all the set functions allow only for a theme to be played once after the initial background music (unwanted) is destroyed.
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    Press shift when you are selecting the field. However, some fields may crash the game when negative.
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    DotA: The Psychological Analysis

    Blizzard maps are actually very, very fun. But in my opinion, they're a sort of PR gimmick to remind people that "we care about more than patches." Nonetheless, I feel that Blizzard has tried, and has also adopted some good maps, i.e. NOTD Games like Enfos, Uther Party, all those LOAP's...
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    What happens to the games?

    Bnet is a conduit to allow players to host a game. The players are the hosts, the server isn't. Therefore, when all viable hosts leave, the remainder are disconnected and the game's presence is absolved.
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    DotA: The Psychological Analysis

    The friend who was crass commented DotA as the "third-person CS." Essentially true, but when a game so fast-paced and watered down attracts the slums of an online community, you can't expect a lot else but more idiots to pop up. When people start playing a little more intelligently, i.e...
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    DotA: The Psychological Analysis

    Thanks for bringing up some minor points I overlooked. Yes, Guinsoo's going to have his ass handed to him by Blizzard, simply because: 1) He made it with the editor. He can't say it was all his creation 2) From the site, which states "DotA stands for “Defense of the Ancients”, it's a free mod...
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    DotA: The Psychological Analysis

    DotA has spawned a trail of followers, and its poor quality and blankly thought out systems often hook people nonetheless. Why so? In this essay, I intend to explain my personal opinion of how this game, despite all the rambles and hard work the modding community puts into their maps, puts an...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultima suggestions

    OT: First off, there should've been an Off Topic tag, because what you're saying is completely irrelevant to the creation of an SSBM game for Warcraft. I have no qualms about his idea, given the quality is relatively good.
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    making difficulty for td help

    I'm pretty sure there's a form of an upgrade to increase speed for a unit. As for the dialogue buttons, I suggest variables for the dialogues, and from the button selected, raise the upgrade amounts. However, this will mean that you will have to start off the units slower than what you intend.
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    How to display mana cost of items on item?

    This is characteristic of unique items. For example, the Gloves of Spell Mastery have the Control Magic ability tagged onto them. Therefore, to invoke the spell that is given, there is a mana cost. So when creating abilities, you simply add a mana cost, given that they are active. However, I'm...
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    making difficulty for td help

    There is a trigger function to set the handicaps. I recommend that you try that.