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    Li's art stuff II

    MacTavish? 'Soap'? No? Really nice drawings.
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    Who are you? :yaomingface:

    Who are you? :yaomingface:
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    Best games of ALL time!?

    No particular order: WoW Warcraft GTA Fallout CoD Most Valve games Spiral Knights A few more.
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    Post Your Speedtest Results!

    First try: Second try: Third try: My very first try (when I forgot the URL) I reached around 20MB and 1MB. Pretty good :)
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    Great Quotes

    "If one person has an imaginary friend he is insane. If alot people have an imaginary friend they're religious." -Philosoraptor
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    Is the emotions chip turned on?

    Is the emotions chip turned on?
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    Internet Explorer users have lower IQ says study

    I doubt this is true. Really, IQ tests are unreliable. How the heck can people get an average of low eighties? When I was 8 I took an IQ test and got 114. I doubt it was reliable either though, even though it was from "Illustrated Science" (The biggest science/technology/whatever magazine in...
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    Are you Data?

    Are you Data?
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    Conquest v1.0 Alpha

    Too long didn't read. Lol just kidding. This sounds as a fairly good idea, but maybe too unoriginal? I'd like to test it sometimes if I can get the chance.
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    Comment by 'Etzer' in media 'christina vlahakis'

    Megan Fox hehe, good joke.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Sweeeeet

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Sweeeeet
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    Ultimate GUI Hero Pick System 2.3

    Sweet !
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    Comment by 'Etzer' in media 'FrostFireSwords'

    Nice :O
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    wait what?

    wait what?
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    Model and Icon Mart

    Is it possible for you to make 5-10 models, without their total filesize exceeding 1,3MB?