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    Cannt resist, but theres something i can brag about ;-)

    Woah! Okay, I have a level 46 druid on Kel Thuzad, and I don't really consider myself a n00b. But are those mounts real? I have never heard of them or seen them before - and I have a sneaking suspicioun that you photoshoped that :shock:
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    Only those of us who are gnomes on WoW can truly appreciate this, a very awesome model!
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    Help with a Random-Spawn trigger

    I am making a map that i geuss you could call like pokemon. But I plan for it to be much better than anything pokemon out there. Anyway, i have been triggering for a long time, but I mostly use simple triggers, cuz all that "from integer A do 1-10" stuff because it confuses me :). Anyway...
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    Ahoy mateys! a goblin pirate! This is sweet! 5/5
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    Modeling in WE? Help!

    I am making a map called Monster Isle, where you raise a monster and fight others with it in a tournament. Anyway, I thought it would be very cool if you could ride your monster! As it would be difficult to make a model for you riding the 50+ monsters in the map (not to mention over-inflating...
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    I love this, but i dont have room for any more models in my map, it would make the file size absurd. Someone said you could do this in WE, how? it would be incredibly useful for my new Monster Island map if i could make you able to ride your monster!!!
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    very nice, ive been looking for a better factory for Tinker Wars.
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    VERY NICE - AWESOME MODEL AND SMALL FILE SIZE - Going into my new tinker wars map!!!! credit given of course :)
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    AWESOME MODEL! But please... HELP The mdx is small but the skin is like 657kb. I desperately want to use this but it would almost triple the download time for my map. Is there any way to reduce the size?
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    Tinker Wars BETA V.01

    Please no one judge this map on how undeveloped it is. It is only the very first beta and will be getting TONS more work. I just wanted to know what people thought of the idea.
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    Tinker Wars BETA V.01 (Map)

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    Tinker Wars BETA V.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Battle of the Elements V. 4.6 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Battle of the Elements V. 4.6 (Map)

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    Yes, I know, but this completes my map, and... who really cares about the ratings anyway?