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    Negative Health

    In your scenario, I would set the health to 1 (or even below) and use a damage detection system to negate all damage that the boss takes. Health won't be seen as negative, but it gives the "undefeatable" feeling.
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    [Trigger] Ai won't harvest wood if player is night elf

    It's been a while, but... I think the problem was a syntax error in the ai script (or actually in all 4 scripts). It's just really weird, that the scripts still worked for most races.
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    Ability IDs Help

    Basically abilities are (stored as) integers. I'm assuming that you use gui, else you wouldn't even have an ability type and would store abilities in an integer array. You may use a custom script to set an ability into an integer variable: "custom script: set udg_intVar = udg_abilityVar".
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    @aeman: There's a playthrough series on youtube which shows most black merchant locations. It's also useful for finding elite and epic bosses and hidden quests.
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    1.0 is the latest version.
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    @reza: Kill the 2 revenants (a little to south) at the same time
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    Trigger Event: Critical from hero attribute

    With PDD (physical damage detection), you would use an event "Game - PDD_damageEventTrigger becomes Equal to 1.00", and an additional condition "PDD_damageType Equal to PDD_PHYSICAL". Also replace all references to attacking unit with "PDD_source" and to attacked unit with "PDD_target". In my...
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    Prevent player from changing race

    Unless I check "fixed player settings", race can still be changed. And I can't check that without also checking "use custom forces".
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    Blood rage problems

    In that case, here's the description: Description: Allows the hero to gain rage points when dealing damage or when nearby unit dies. Rage points will be used to reduce damage taken by the hero. If hero has enough rage points, he will also gain additional bonuses. Level 1 - Level 1 bonus...
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    Blood rage problems

    I assume you mean the replay? It can also be found in my pastebin.
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    Blood rage problems

    Hello! I have 2 problems concerning my blood rage ability, description and triggers can be found here. 1. Sometimes when the computer learns the ability, the bars aren't created. This doesn't happen when a player controlled hero learns blood rage. The issue can be seen in this replay. 2...
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    Prevent player from changing race

    Yes I do. EDIT: It seems I remembered the issue incorrectly. What really happens, is that if the player is not night elf, the AI harvests wood and builds, but doesn't gather gold. If the player is night elf, the AI only gathers gold and builds, but doesn't harvest lumber. So it seems there's...
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    Prevent player from changing race

    Hello! Is there a way to prevent players from changing race in game creation, without limiting players' ability to change teams or colour? I have some custom races on my map, so the race selection is done through a dialog in game. It wouldn't really matter which race the player originally has...
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    [General] Posting here in hope of aid

    Create ai for each race using ai editor and disable fleeing. Export the ai data as an .ai file (Export script). Import those 4 files using import manager. Remove "Melee Game - Run melee AI scripts (for computer players)" from initialization trigger. Start your own ai script for each...
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    TEoP Sechiron Rises

    About catapults, I shot the wall at least 20 times before I reloaded. After that it worked fine. I also have difficulties in skinning, wolves don't always appear on the battleground. Also, I haven't bee able to mine, although I have a pick. So my items are a little left behind. I've tried to...