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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    Sorry guys, me and my friends are leaving Gaias Retaliation all together. We were hoping the map could come out some time during the holidays but we waited from early November up till now. School has started and we only get the chance to play it during the holidays, so we pretty much don't have...
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    Bug Reports

    It's not a bug There you go. Figure it out yourself in order to enjoy the game. I prolly encountered the same situation and wasted 15 minutes in the sewers when i could finish it within 1 minute. ( I FELT I WAS DUMB ) Just look carefully. The dark shadow conceals alot.
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    Yes.. i agree. At least tell us an approximate date or a couple of days in advance so we know when to check for the new version. I have been checking hiveworkshop for the past 2 and a half weeks and it's getting tiring. They should have a subscribe feature like Youtube. If it's like next...
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    World In Conflict 1.1

    The game is fun. But it has a steep learning curve. New player probably don't understand our instructions and we are able to beat the game quickly. Perhaps you can scale down the difficulty at understanding and maybe more user friendly?
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    A couple of questions

    Yes, i'm pretty sure, we didn't touch dungeon 1 for a long time. Was just hunting books and surprisingly found it there. Was hunting for my second spell at D2 for pretty long but only managed to find Meteor Strike
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    1.2 Base Classes: A suggestion

    So far i only agreed on this for the fact that drops for the squire class is easier to obtain than other classes. Yet the squire doesn't need to be in a dilemna where he needs to share it with anyone else. I don't like the fact that the other mail class will be a tank + dps. The berserker...
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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    You mean once you create the game you get cancelled and kicked out? If so, just as darksparrow stated Otherwise, set your Texture Quality to high if that's an ingame problem.
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    Zibnix from D1 drops Gem as well. He's the lowest level as far as i know. Hope this helps
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    A couple of questions

    Regarding the spells, i'm not sure whether i can post a link from another site. Aside from the spells that you can buy which you can easily figure it out yourself, i'll only list down some spells you can get from boss drops. Cleric - Confidence , Burst of Light Mage - Fire Sheild , Meteor...
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    Two Servant Wolves Bug

    Oops, i didn't know it was raised.
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    Two Servant Wolves Bug

    (There's an attached JPEG.) This happened when we were killing the ancient one. My friend, the necromancer had his skeletons dead and we cleared the entire dungeon excluding this last boss - and we didn't want to reset. *edited out the way to reproduce the bug* That was some epic dps...
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    What cant the game

    Are you playing in single player or LAN? If you are playing in single player and it doesn't work, it probably is your warcaft III or graphic card or maybe even your computer. If you are able, try the LAN If you can't, it's probably your connection. Try being the host instead
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    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    First of all, i would like to commend Ziewbelchen's excellent job and effort put into creating this wonderful RPG for all of us. Secondly, i want to say that a storyline is an excellent suggestion raised to be placed on the "to do" list for the upcoming updates. I noticed that most of the...
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    Can someone help me

    It's north of the bridge where Coporal Finley is located at. You'll have to walk along the river bank and reach a part where's theres stairs to a circle. That's the sewers. If you are not sure where the bridge is at. It's the west of Mytargas and at the middle portion of the west.