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Last Activity:
Nov 26, 2020
May 19, 2008

Awarded Medals 2



ಠ_ಠ, from Denmark

enjoy was last seen:
Nov 26, 2020
    1. 13L4M3
      Dude i have read the rules.
      But the thing is that i wrong posted.
      I was suppost to send my both answers in private, which i thought i pressed but my computer reacted somehow other way.
    2. 13L4M3
      Hello Enyoy.
      I've seen you've drawn 1 Rep from me.
      I can see the reason was "Double Post".
      1. I'm new on this so i think it was bad done....
      2. I answerd 2 different guys with 2 different answers, the thing was that i posted them both in the chat.
      I diden't knew i even did it, thought i posted them in private to them !
    3. Tleno
      Hehehe, I was not serious in that part, I was just kinda like in that mood of pranking people after whatching lots and lots of youtube videos about pranking. And well, actually I hate non-helpful moderators or just experienced people not helping others when its their duty to do.
    4. Tleno
      Yeah, all those people thinkng your are some kinda like icon Messiah or whatever... Altough it would be fun to prank them, telling to do wrong things and screwing up their icons... maybe then they would just get lost...
    5. Tleno
      Wow, everyone is asking you about the icons constantly... looks like its annoying, isn't it?
    6. Black-Voodoo
      Hi enjoy,
      I'm sorry. I unfortunately missed the sentence in the rules where it's said that I have to make a 50% frehand drawn icon. I edited a pictur of a voodoo mask which I found at google. I wll Delete the Icon soon.
    7. -Berz-
      [IMG] I don't know how to put an arrow on this one, if you could give some tips :)

    8. xxgreysonxx
    9. Boris_Spider
    10. Crabby_Spider
      ...and these

      [IMG] ---> [IMG]

      [IMG] ---> [IMG]
    11. Crabby_Spider
      I posted these with each icon...
      [IMG] ---> [IMG] ---> [IMG]

      [IMG] ---> [IMG] ---> [IMG]

      [IMG] ---> [IMG] ---> [IMG]
    12. Crabby_Spider
      Thank You for approving the cookie icon. Since you referenced the bone icons in the approval, I'll just reply here.
      A "WIP", or Work In Progress, would by definition be a series of images created as the image progressed. The cookie icon has one because after I posted the bone icons, I was made aware of an unwritten requirement to produce them. Though it is absurd to me, apparently some people believe they can judge a persons character by looking at these. No problem, I can do that if it helps.
      In the case of the bones, I already said I didn't save any images of the icons as I progressed. So it would be distinctly dishonest of me to suddenly produce them. I have posted images of them as they progressed as a result of the excellent feedback I was getting, and am happy with the final versions of them.

    13. Novart
    14. xxgreysonxx
      1. they lift their tail and spray at their enemies.
      2.it usually takes the ringed seal and the bearded seal
      3.the elephant
      4.the peregrine falcon
      5.the african elephant
      6.yes a liger can
      7 i dunno what group
      see! im smart
      1. what is an arthropod? i know this
      2. what is a theropod? i know this
      3. what was the largest creature on earth?
      4.what is the lowest part in the world?
      5. how many electrodes are in an adam?
      6. is the core of the earth iron or magma?
      7. did insects and arachnids live in the ocean?
      Enjoy, remember no cheating.
    15. Static
      Hi ^^
      Can i ask about your opinion after the update - Noble Dagger
    16. enjoy
    17. Deleted member 157129
      Deleted member 157129
      I've got Ubuntu Karmic Koala (ie Ubuntu 9.10) in dual boot on my Desktop Computer, and Ubuntu Karmic Koala as the only operating system on my netbook, Asus EEE. Indeed. :)
    18. Crabby_Spider
      Posted another Icon, this time put WIPs in my album.
    19. MogulKahn
      Why did i get -rep?
    20. 1)ark_NiTe
      Hey-o! Hit me up today when you've finished :)
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