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Last Activity:
Jun 10, 2019
May 19, 2008

Awarded Medals 2

Mar 25, 1993 (Age: 27)


ಠ_ಠ, 27, from Denmark

enjoy was last seen:
Jun 10, 2019
    1. sPy
      Hello there :D
      Not trying to bother you, just wanna notify you that I have reworked my icon :D
      You can gladly ignore this if you feel bothered :D
    2. Tleno
      Yeah, I guess you're right. Thank you very much for your support!
    3. Tleno
      Yeah, but some time before that I made another similar mistake (With nationality, to be exact), so I kinda like felt really ashamed for my confusiveness lately.
    4. Tleno
      Sorry if I offended you in any way, just that I was kinda ashemed of my idiotical mistake and was in a quite a bad mood.
    5. Deolrin
      Basically, the background is that we were arguing about why leet.firefox didn't get banned, and he said that "he didn't get banned because he doesn't have a criminal past like you do", which is total bullshit considering how much leet.firefox spams every time he's in chat. How do I deserve a ban for THAT? Seriously, I wont just stop. I'll act until a change is made. This guy is an idiot, and he doesn't deserve to be a chat mod.

      Ban me all you will, if you think that's right. But I'll let Ralle know of what's going on here, one way or another. :/
    6. Deolrin
      [12-40-14] Debode: Joe, enjoy banned me. :/
      [12-40-23] Debode: Joe-black-5, not you.
      [12-40-21] Joe-black-5: so drop the subject, go enjoy something
      [12-40-24] Joe-black-5: and stop arguying!
      [12-40-39] Joe-black-5 loads the shitgun
      [12-40-43] Debode: Joe, no, I will not have this bullshit. Ever saw the Merchant from Venice? That Jew guy is an asshole, but he has a good point. Justice has to be served. That's the law.
      [12-41-02] Debode: You can't bend the law even if you don't have a criminal past or even if you're the President.
      [12-41-05] Debode: The Law affects everyone.
      [12-41-13] Debode: And justice has to be served to everyone equally.
      [12-41-17] Debode: Otherwise, the law has no power.
      [12-41-16] Debode has been banned by Joe-black-5 for 1200 seconds.

      So what the fuck did I do this time to deserve being banned? Are you people all blind? Don't you see that Joe fails as a chat mod? He keeps banning me for no reason because we had arguments about Lebanon. :/
    7. Tleno
      Erm yea, thanks for feedback I suppose...
    8. Holy Crusader
      Holy Crusader
      uhh! I like you Kael'Thas and illidan Icon :O And the Amazon Skin O_O
    9. Deolrin
      Oh, so more reports = more chances for a ban?
      Huh. That's retarded. What if only one person reports a serious rule-breaker? Why didn't leet.firefox get banned?
    10. Deolrin
      Oh, and one last thing before I leave you in peace.
      Joe-black-5 announced proudly and publicly that he reported me, and GIANT_CRAB followed up by reporting me and saying something like "Joe-black-5, [SOME:TIME]User Debode reported.". So if only those two reported me, just know that it was no silly coincidence.
    11. Deolrin
      For your information, YES, it was a test to see how the fuck you guys will react.
      A day ban from chat will kinda help me though, so thanks for that, I really need to take a break from this bullshit. :3
      I guess next offense = perma ban, right?
    12. Deolrin
      For the foreign language thing?
      Wow. That's so hilarious, because I didn't see anyone ban leet.firefox for spamming for an entire five minutes with huge waves of "BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS", even after I reported him. Twice. And asked Pyramidhe@d to ban him.
      Yeaaah, about that moderation @ Hive...
    13. Dragonson
      That's good to know. :)
      I'l still try to not be a jerk as best i can, but i guess that's just general good behaviour anyway. ^^

      Soeh, goodluck with whatever you do!
    14. Dragonson
      Thanks! Happy to know i wont have to tell my friend he's breaking the rules, lol.

      On a side note i say sorry since you guys use your free time moderating the site, keeping it usable for the rest of us.
      And having run a signature shop for almost two years now, i know how annoying it is when people take your free time for granted. :/
    15. Dragonson
      'ey Enjoy?
      Sorry for aksing you stuff again, but misha told me that non-hive smilies are against the rules.
      And i was kinda wondering if that's the case?
      I dont really wanna doubt what misha says as i respect him (/her? O.O) as a fellow hive user, but i gotta ask as i think it's kinda wierd as long as they're not too big.

      Sorry for being a nuisance, but a friend of mine is starting up a smily workshop.
      So i kinda had to know if he's actually breaking the rules. :(

    16. Dragonson
      No problem at all. ^^
      Thank you too. :)
    17. Dragonson
    18. Hemske
      I dont know who is in charge of stuff like this, but you might want to consider removing Apheraz_lucent's emma frost icon, since his model for it got removed due to copy paste a while ago.
      Just thought I'd inform you of this :)
    19. GIANT_CRAB
      There's also one part
      GIANT_CRAB: The_Reborn_Devil, reported for having 2 girlfriends.
    20. chr2
      A smiley would've done the job, wouldn't it?
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  • About

    Mar 25, 1993 (Age: 27)
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    I'm 21 years old, and from Denmark.

    art, music, computer.


    ♥ The_Reborn_Devil ♥ :D
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