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    Korean Wars v1.2

    Okay, I tried to update the OTHER one, but it told my the map already existed and re-directed me to here, so I updated this one, hope theres nothing wrong with that.
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    Korean Wars v1.2 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Korean Wars v1.2 (Map)

    This is my militarization of Ramongs Gang Wars 6.1 map, credits to him for making it, but ive re-terrained basically the entire map to give it that 'War' feel, so the objective is to build structures that will automatically train and send out units to attack the enemy base, however, the U.S...
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    Life Of a Colonist: New World 0.4

    Africa needs to be a little bigger, same with Britain, but this is the BEST map I have ever played no doubt, 5/5
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    His face seems a little out of place.
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    Who the hell cares? This models beast.
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    LOAP: Vietnam BETA v.2.0

    Well, it works, and theres nothing MAJOR wrong with it, everything but a few stores still have traces of the LOAP ive edited, LOAP Ultimate, so, nothin' to bad, but if people keep ranting on a map they've never played, Ill remove it for good, so time, I guess, will tell.
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    Civil War-ish Rifleman

    Very Good Model. 5/5
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    LOAP: Vietnam BETA v.2.0

    Ill stick, to 'Just Play it'.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Retarded?

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Retarded?
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    LOAP: Vietnam BETA v.2.0

    Well, I wouldn't say the same, considering ive removed the football field, and expanded some bases and moved stuff around :/ why don't you at least play it before you rant on it?
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    LOAP: Vietnam BETA v.2.0

    FYI, Not some, did you even play it? I doubt it, Ive almost redone the whole thing, just a few Misc. Buildings and Houses remain the same, so next time, play the damned map before you comment. Same Terrain? Are you fucking blind? Neither of you played it, considering you posted while it still...
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    LOAP: Vietnam BETA v.2.0 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    LOAP: Vietnam BETA v.2.0 (Map)

    My new project ive been working on a while, LOAP Life in Vietnam Beta, note that its BETA, bugs and stuff ive not finished are still present, but nothing to bad is present, and its playable, so... here it is! You can play as the... - Allied Forces - North Vietnam - Laos Army - Cambodian...
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    Very Good.