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    DwarfDreadnaughtRocket (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Dwarf Dreadnaught

    I have managed to find a good texture for the chaos one, finally. Took some work to mix and match. I wont be releasing that just yet as I want to replace the chaos version weapon with an axe, I also want to touch up on the textures on the lighter one and finally I have been looking at the...
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    Dwarf Dreadnaught

    Yeah undead was my first try as well, thought I had it when I stumbled on the ancient ziggurat texture but then I started looking for bronze material and ended up with the human tower.
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    ChaosDreadnaughtRocket (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Dwarf Dreadnaught

    I experimented a bit, nothing that made it look anything but darker or more metallic which in my opinion just made it unappealing. Threw golden beard on the "lighter" one and it was hideous. I am open to suggestions if you have a specific texture in mind. Edit: Looks like I have to fix some...
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Fixed, thank you for pointing that out

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Fixed, thank you for pointing that out
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    Dwarf Dreadnaught

    Same? If your question is lore related then that´s up to you. I created the darker one for my project for more evil sub-race of the dwarfs. Edit: Oh Hell, I see what you mean, I must have added the same one twice. Fixed
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    Dwarf Chaos Dreadnaught (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Dwarf Dreadnaught (Model)

    I was aiming at a Steam Golem and I used a reference image I found online to some degree then it dawned on me that this was basically a warhammer40k dreadnaught for dwarfs so I went in that direction and even added a flamethrower, neato. Edit: Added another version of the chaos dreadnaught that...
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    Dwarf Dreadnaught (Warcraft 3 Model)

  11. DarkDwarfWarMachine


    This one is coming along nicely. It is mostly animated, except its missing a portrait and I haven´t animated the claw part yet. I am also interested in creating a variant with a flamethrower later down the line.
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    Comment by 'Em!' in media 'DwarfDarkWarGolem wip'

    funny, I´ve been working on this some more, well a lot more and I had a thought to create an alternate variant with its left arm as a flamethrower. I am posting a picture of the update in a second
  13. DwarfDarkWarGolem wip

    DwarfDarkWarGolem wip

    I wanted to make a more mechanical-like golem. It´s for dark dwarfs "not wow, but could be I guess". Its currently unanimated and I have yet to add some steam-like pipes and a hatch or some sort of entrance not sure yet. It would be easy to rewrap it with some gold´ish dwarf texture later.
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    Hey, you should totally rename yourself to "Hell March" or "Act On Instinct"

    Hey, you should totally rename yourself to "Hell March" or "Act On Instinct"
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    CannonFinal (Warcraft 3 Model)